"A Chanel Collection is not complete without a __________."- stolen from LV forum

  1. Finish the sentence:

    A Chanel collection is not complete without a ______.

    fire away girls!
  2. Flap :smile:
  3. yes.. the classic flap...
  4. Martini? Oh, sorry you meant bag..UM.

    Jumbo Flap
  5. Classic flap or Reissue.
  6. ... Jumbo Classic Flap (my fave!).
  7. I'd have to agree with everyone....Flap!!! Jumbo!! :p
  8. a flap of course!!!!
  9. 1.Cosmopolitian.....
    2.Chanel No.5 / Coco Chanel / Chanel Chance
    3.Classic flap or reissue of cos!

    All the 'C's!
  10. Expandable!
  11. an authentic Chanel piece.
  12. flap and reissue
  13. GST, Medallion or Cerf tote (for us non-flap girls!)
  14. The original 2.55 flap released in 1955....! LOL!
  15. I think a Chanel collection is not complete without any piece you love to add to your current collection.:greengrin: