A Chanel boy or a YG love - curious

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  1. If you could have either one this very minute - which would you choose - a boy bag or a love bangle? Which would you want more if you have a couple Chanel bags already and if you have one WG love bangle already? Just wondering.......
  2. I am not much of a jewelry person and get much more use out of my bags than jewelry, so I would go with the bag personally. But if you love your current love bracelet and want a second, I think that would be the better choice. Good luck deciding!
  3. Well....since you asked I love to have pairs, so I would choose the bangle.....what a lovely dilemma you have. :smile::heart:
  4. So one vote for each! I'm just daydreaming - haha! Not sure what future holds - but if I begin new savings for a pricy item - deciding which one I think I'd be happier with.
  5. BOY!!! u already have a love bangle
  6. Jewelry over bags any day! I think the love looks amazing stacked with anything! I have a rg love (went to get a WG love but decided for the rs JUC instead - so happy about the pairing - another option to consider ;) )

    Good luck deciding!
  7. yg cartier love bangle. so u will have 2 colors .. to match hardware on your bags, assuming u like diff hardware colors on ur bags..
  8. YG Love bracelet for sure to match with your WG.
  9. Always jewelry over a bag. I'd def buy YG love bracelet and it'll look beautiful with ur WG.
  10. Love !
  11. bracelet, no question
  12. Wow! I thought in a Chanel forum - I'd get all bag responses! I own a plain WG love bangle. And it is my favorite jewelry I have. But last summer I sold on yoogies a RG cuff and a YG cuff. I didn't feel safe with them ( could fall off or get stolen). And I miss being able to pair 2 colors. So "if" I save enough in the upcoming months, maybe I will pursue the plain YG love bangle to pair with my plain WG one. I was hesitant in the past because of the new screw system. My WG is the original screw system. But I think the problem has been fixed. Thanks for all responses!
  13. I would get the Boy! I'm not a fan of branded jewelry. And I can't justify Cartier's price for just 18k gold. And since you already have one I'd highly suggest the Boy.

    Good luck! :smile:
  14. Totally agree!
  15. The love bangle!