A Chanel Birthday

  1. Hey girls, Wed. was my birthday, check out my Chanel Goodies!!!
  2. OMG. Its like soooooooo sweet!
  3. Oops, forgot to attach pics of the gift!
    smallTonia 007.jpg smallTonia 008.jpg
  4. thanks for sharing. that cake looks yummy!
  5. Love the cake--and the shoes! Happy birthday
  6. happy birthday!:balloon: the cake looks delish and the flats are adorable!
  7. ellerbean, happy belated bday :party:
    the cake is so cute :p

    and the gift is so pretty :yes:
  8. Fabulous!!
  9. Yummy cake and cute flats. Happy Birthday.
  10. Happy belated birthday!! Cute shoes and lovely cake!
  11. Cutest cake ever!
    Happy belated birthday!:yahoo:
  12. Happy Chanel Birthday!!!:nuts:
  13. Great cake and shoes!! Have a happy b-day.
  14. Happy belated Chanel birthday! Love the cake and the shoes.
  15. Happy belated bday! I would have been happy with just the cake-but the shoes are adorable!