1. you just will not believe this! today while at work, i see a woman with an incredible looking Chanel slung over her shoulder. In spite of the fact that we were super busy, a major sale was underway, and my dept. manager was right there, I forgot about work for a few minutes, felt like a drowning woman offered a life raft, as I continued to aim my eyes like a searchlight beam at the bag, and sidled up to the woman and said, (trying to keep my voice at a normal octave) "where oh where did you get that bag?" She told me she got it some years ago, and I actually offered to trade her a Fendi Spy for her bag :upsidedown: (facetiously, kind of :p ) The bag was a huge classic flap, about 13-14 inches wide, gold h/w in the chain and fairly large CC in front (the size used in the 90s), cream colored with Chanel all over it in black block letters. Its called the Graffiti Bag. Then I get home and get on eBay, just to check things out, never believing for a nanosecond that THE bag is up for bid......................omg omg, there it was, i thought i had slipped down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland, i tell ya... Had promised myself NEVER to bid on eBay for a Chanel unless its a very very reputable seller (we all know who they are) but this bag is real....no way is it not.... Auction ends in a few hours. I don't think its allowed here to say anything else, detail-wise, about it..................but, i shall keep my PF sisters posted!! unreal, unheard of, amazing, astounding........weeeeeeeeeee
  2. AH! What a cool story...you need to let us know if you get it! then POST PICS!! yay!
  3. Hey good for you!! I saw it on eBay...good luck!!!! I hope you get it!! make sure you keep that hawkeye on the auction!!!!! Let us know if you win!!!!! :p
  4. I'm so happy for you! You sound soooooooo excited! I hope you get that wonderful Chanel! Keep us posted.
  5. woww! u found it on ebay!!!! omg.. its fated.. Go get it!! :party:
  6. Good luck! Hope you win the Chanel!
  7. What a coincidence that you saw it at the store and then, there it was on eBay... it was bashert!
  8. Good luck!!
    I've seen that bag! LOVELY.
  9. That's soooo exciting! I saw it on ebay too and it is GORGEOUS!! I hope you get it =)
  10. That is a cool bag. Go get it! :yes:
  11. I saw that bag, good luck hope you get it, bidding is rising!
  12. wow sounds like a beautiful bag!! please do post pics!:yes:
  13. haha my mother gave me that bag, and you're right, it's gorgeous! I haven't actually worn it out yet, that's why I didn't post pictures of it, but yeah, it's gorgeous :smile: Mine is the medium sized thoh :smile:

    great to hear about the ebay thing, man, I never can find what I want on it :/ do post pictures once you get em ;)
  14. hehe went to search ebay, the ebay one I see though is black, is that the one you're bidding on? Interesting to see that it's from singapore :smile:
  15. oooh i'm so excited to see it!