A chance to get Black City RH? But 2007? Should I take it? :)


Aug 8, 2009
I've decided that my first bbag should be black (and if possible Chevre ;)) because it will probably be my only expensive bag for the next few years while I'm still in college. :biggrin: Been searching one for awhile and now I have a chance to snatch a Black City RH 2007 in very good condition for $900. However, when I saw the bag, it already turned a little greenish already on the corners and some tint on the handles. But I loveeee the Chevre leather though! What would you do? Wait for another older bag in this condition that aren't as faded (because I heard that older years don't turn as green?), get this one, or just buy a new 2009 since I'm gonna invest in only one anyway?

Need help and thank you!


Mar 17, 2006
I would always buy chevre over agneau if it's a black bag! It's not like a new color like ruby where you can't get that exact red in chevre. Do you know if it's a S/S or F/W bag? I know that the F/W 07 bags were jet black with nice texture to the leather, but I don't know much about s/s.


Aug 8, 2009
Hi, thank you so much for your reply. I think it was S/S because the tag read 2007 1.... hence it is already turning into the greenish black color:wondering.


Oct 9, 2006
If you have the funds to invest and are going to wear it for a long time, I think the 09 black bags have had great leather. I would go for that instead of getting a bag that you already have doubts about because of the fading issue. If it is bugging you enough to ask, I don't think you are going to feel better about it when you buy it. Just my opinion, but not all chevre is the same just as not all agneau is the same. If you check out the "Black City Club" you'll see some very nice 09 bags there.


What, me worry?
Dec 30, 2007
The Cool Cool North
The fading to green on black bags was definitely an issue on SOME 07 bags - and I think maybe a few 06's as well. Some people don't mind that look - it makes the black look a bit more like some of the anthras. Generally though, people who buy black want it to stay black.


aka : Leslie
Dec 21, 2008
Austin , Tx
i am a true chevre-lover, but i have to say the 09 black leather i have seen is spectactular!
a fantastic agneau is better than a so-so chevre anyday!


by the sea
Oct 13, 2007
I have had a s/s 07 and a f/w 07 black chevre Bal that started to turn green. I still have 1 f/w 07 black that's still beautifully black so every bag is different. If you have doubts about this particular bag, don't get it.

And I agree, there are some gorgeous 09 black bags around. Also, black cities aren't that hard to find, another one will pop up that's not going green, wait for that if you want chevre.


Nov 1, 2008
I think, if this is going to be your one major investment for a while, wait for a good black City. $900 is a lot to pay for a bag in a condition you're not happy with. Another good deal will come up and, even if it might mean you'll have to pay a little more for a great bag, it'll be worth it. Black Cities (both Chevre and Agneau) come up all the time, so I would suggest waiting for the right one.

I personally still prefer Chevre over Agneau, as a general principle, but I've seen (and own) several great Agneaus. So, keep your options open.


Dec 15, 2008
i have an 07 black day, and after being used a ton and exposed to the sun, it definitely got greenish. i still use it all the time and don't mind it that much, but i would avoid it if possible. i agree with cbarrus that the 09 blacks were better. i have an 08 black city, and frankly, although i use it constantly, it doesn't have the best leather. again, these are my workhorse bags, so i don't mind, but 07 and 08....not the best, imo.