A Challenge For Every H Lover : Your Old, New, Fav, Small, Big

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  1. Hello TPF members , I have a challenge for you ! Please post pictures bellow of your :

    1- Oldest H
    2- Newest H
    3- Favorite H
    4- Smallest H
    5- Biggest H

    This challenge is for all H items ! go crazy with scarfs and charms ... EVERYTHING H !!

    I will start :biggrin: with bags

    1- Oldest H bag : Birkin 42 jpg rouge H I think , in clemence , PHW , Stamp M ( 2009 )

    IMG_1327 3.jpg

    2- Newest H bag : SO ostrich Birkin 25 in gris agate/ blue iris BGHW

    IMG_1800 3.jpg

    3- Favorite H bag : Kelly 28 in epsom Anemone with GHW

    4- Smallest H bag : Kelly charm in rose lipstick with GHW
    IMG_0024 3.jpg

    5- Biggest H bag : Is also my oldest , Birkin 42 jpg rouge H I think , in clemence , PHW , Stamp M ( 2009 ) .
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  2. Thank you for the thread, this will be a fun one! I will follow with all-bags post as well.

    1. Oldest H: B45 Maron Fonce square D stamp (year 2000). The very first bag that started my slippery orange slope. I used him mercilessly (even throwing him up the rock before climbing myself up) I had to replace him with new handles and hardware in 2018. I use Barenia HAC40 clochette instead of original small one cz I think the whole proportion looks better.

    2- Newest H: turned out WAY better than both we (my SA and I) expected. SO Sac A Depeches 27 in Etoupe and Macassar. Picked him up last October after 2-year wait (but worth every second!). IMG-7386.JPG
    3- Favorite H: my first ever SO with the combo of my dream. B40 Epsom Etain/ Blue Sapphire with brushed PHW. He is always with So Black Rodeo because he is my ultimate favorite :P

    4- Smallest H: Vintage Medor 29 in box rouge H. I could not believe to have found this treasure. Yes this is smaller than the SAD 27.
    5- Biggest H: You'd think my B45 is the biggest but there is a HAC45 Chocolat in my collection. Only got to bring him to NYC trip once because he is a bit big to go around daily (but he is lighter than HAC40 Togo). These days, he has the honor of holding all unopened scented candles for me :P

    Let's play everyone!
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