A certain WTF on NM.com...

  1. I was looking through NM.com (shopping for a friend!) and I stumbled upon this page, which I found to be quite...odd, lol.

    Neiman Marcus Online

    So only people in California will be exposed to Lead? :P
  2. that's funny! I have a liquid silver cleaner that I bought from my favorite local jeweler and on it it says:

    "This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer"

    Now, what does California know that the rest of us don't?:huh:
  3. That's funny. Why are they making things containing lead that you put food or drink in anyways?!
  4. These places are required by a law in the state of CA to provide warnings about lead or chemicals that are unknown to cause cancer. If you come over here, you will see signs posted at building entrances that say something like this building has chemicals/materials that may cause cancer.
  5. Yikes! I lived in California (Fort Irwin) from 1990-1997, and I don't remember any of that :biggrin: But maybe that was before they were required to post sighs :smile:
  6. You will have to really look to see those signs but they've been there. Kinda scary when you think about that. I am just going to work here ... and I may come in contact with those 'things'? Goes to show you how polluted our environment is. I like living in a state that has laws that try to improve our living environment. I loved it when CA was the first state to ban smoking inside clubs, bars and restaurants. Now if only we can stop the smokers from puffing right into your face when you are dining outside. :yes: I don't mean to offend anybody here, but just the other day DH and I were eating outside in a courtyard and the guy next to us -within 2 ft coz the place was crowded-was blowing smoke right in our face. People around him were throwing him looks and he could have cared less. Anyway ...
  7. I'm waiting for the day when Germany will all together ban smoking inside of buildings. Sure, most restaurants have non-smoking areas - but they're generally close enough to the smoking areas that I can still smell it and smell like it when I leave.

    It's crazy the number of people that smoke here...Bleh. I've already gotten on to my boyfriend about it. I've even bought him the Nicorette patches. Basically, I've given him an ultimatum. Either you quit smoking, or I'm out of here. May sound harsh, but I'm tired of him being stinky and of me being stinky...And it's not healthy :sad:
  8. This leads me to something that's puzzled me for a while now: Why can't products made with python skins be sold in CA?
  9. The sale of python is illegal in Calif. Not really sure when this became law.
  10. yeah, knew about this when I was in cali.. it was all over the stores....makes me not to want to buy the crystal products...
  11. I think it was in the 70's because they are/were becoming extinct. I guess Cali is just cooler than the rest of the states? lol I don't know.
  12. Most crystal-ware is lead free, you just have to look for the sticker. The real expensive crystal is sometimes not lead free and is supposed to just sit in your china cabinet. NM probably just puts the disclaimer so they can't get sued if someone decides to use it to serve with.
  13. thats interesting you learn soemthing new every day
  14. It just means that California has a statute that requires that advisory note
  15. Wow...that is still CRAZY! I wonder how many disclosures that those of us from other states are not aware of!