A Celine Christmas Gift

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  1. Received the knot bracelet from the hubs for Christmas! Love how minimal the bangle is.

    The packaging interestingly also came with this blue net bag. Anybody know why the net is included? Lol

    Happy holidays!
    20DE6595-4869-4A50-A659-23543B58214A.jpeg 0DEAFBA6-C5EE-49F6-9F47-0C073960BEC9.jpeg
  2. It‘s just their way of sending things out as far as I know
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  3. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. Beautiful!
  5. Awww beautiful
  6. The blue net bag is simply part of the Céline packaging on all items.
    Unfortunately many people were not aware of the fact for too long (thinking it was a new LE Céline bag) and purchased it from unscrupulous sellers who sold it for $$$ on second-hand websites.
  7. Congrats