A cautionary tale...

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  1. I was emptying out my wardrobe today to try and rationalise my bag collection (since joining TPF things are getting slightly out of hand). Now, I am ridiculously clean and tidy, housewifing being how I spend my days, so I don't want you to think that this is about poor hygiene BUT, when I took one of the dustbags from the bottom of the pile I found that one of my old but sentimentally precious Radley bags had funny patches on it, where the leather looked scuffed, and when I shook the bag an evil little caterpillar fell out, looking mean and chompy and very pleased with himself for having EATEN MY BAG! No other creatures to be found, no damage to any of my Mulberry bags, thank goodness, but be warned! If like me you put bags away from time to time if you're bored of them or they are seasonal them DO check them every now and then...
  2. ew! is it likely to be a moth caterpillary type thing? I must admit, I don't check my bags and they are sometimes wrapped in their dustbags for months on end... will do so tonight!
  3. Wow Mrsmulberry. That's the last thing you'd expect. A caterpillar.
  4. Good God! Awful, but I must admit that despite myself I did have to lol at 'an evil little caterpillar fell out, looking mean and chompy'. I hope that is not too wicked of me!

    Seriously though, where did this beast come from? Was it a soon to be moth? I do not know much of these things. Hopefully though some sicence teacher type will be along soon to enlighten us all. I am sorry for your upset though. It is terrible when something precious is damaged.
  5. Oh no Mrsmulberry! So glad it didn't get any of your mulberry bags. I'm going to check all my bags tomorrow now. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Eewwww - must have been a moth that laid an egg ( or eggs ) which resulted in this evil spawn .....yikes have you checked the rest of the wardrobe - what if there was more than one and the others are eating your clothes .......

  7. I know, just too horrible to think about, luckily due to lack of space I have to rotate my summer and winter wardrobes, while the other seasons clothes live under the bed in ziploc bags, so I'm pretty sure I would notice holes in clothes, the wardrobe is FULL of cedar hanging things to keep the beasties out, but I am going to pull out all my woolly pillows and check them, I think that's what they like best, hopefully it was a rogue creature, working alone, but I'm going to check in case all his mates are there, having a
    banquet at my expense!
  8. Woolly pullies not pillows - bloody predictive text on the iPhone!
  9. Yuk MrsM. Thank goodness you noticed. The little chomper could have worked his way through your collection.
  10. Was it a Woolly Bear (Carpet Beetle larvae) - they look like tiny furry caterpillars?
  11. I know all about little and not so little chompers!

  12. Has Mr Green chomped a bag yet?
  13. Oh my - better go and check my bags. There's a few I haven't used quite some time.
    Hope it was just a one-off.
  14. Oh No!! That is awful. I might have to go and look through my wardrobe as I rotate my clothes and ziploc them under the bed too.

    I love the description though -'and when I shook the bag an evil little caterpillar fell out, looking mean and chompy and very pleased with himself for having EATEN MY BAG!'

    Hope everything else is ok when you go and check it. xx
  15. Glad it did not eat any of your Mulberry's!!
    Beware of mice too! Many years ago when I was still a student and lived in an old house there were mice and they ate the dried skin of a 120 cm long rattlesnake! I had it wrapped in tissue paper and only a few scales were left!