A caution of using your cles as a wallet...

  1. I didn't take my purse out today, I only brought my cles attached to my keys, and I was using the cles as a wallet holding driver's license, credit card, etc. My aunt told me that its good to use as a wallet but one thing you have to worry about is if you carry your driver's license in your cles and it gets stolen or lost, the person who stole it will have your address AND house key!:wtf: :Push:
  2. Yikes, that is kind of scary, but I guess if the handbag gets stolen same could happen?
  3. Yes, I guess because the cles is small its easier to lose? Think of all the times you couldn't find your keys! :lol:
  4. Good point or my cell phone? Yikes!
  5. That's very, very true. The drivers' license and the house keys being stolen at the same time is a terrible thing...Losing the license, ok, need replacement, losing house keys...well, they don't know which house (hopefully) and change the lock. Losing both at the same time? Gotta call people to change locks ASAP!!!
  6. I don't put my keys with my cles only cash & coins are stored in there;) I have had my bag & purse stolen it is a terrible thing to experience:crybaby:
  7. LOL!
  8. :lol:
  9. *starts running in circles screaming*
  10. :roflmfao: sorry but your reply came so natural i couldnt stop laughing! :shame:
    no seriously i hope this never happens to anyone :sad:
    but a great tip for one concidering a damier cles one day :graucho:
  11. Oh that's right.. but I use my clef as a wallet and and I just don't hook them together, otherwise they'd be massive !
  12. No different then your wallet getting stolen, your d/ l is in there, and most likely a bunch of c/cards :sad:
    I guess the only added worry is that house key, but for me if they took my wallet they'd get it there too. I carry a spare key for my car nd house in my wallet. I used to have issues with locking my keys in my car all the time :sad:
  13. thats a good point :shocked:

  14. :roflmfao: Your response made me LOL at work! Everyone's looking at me like I'm crazy. :roflmfao:
  15. Good point.