A cat question...

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  1. I have 2 cats. One is skinny and the second one is huge. I feel so bad for her,she is too fat she can't even go up the stairs and she doesn't even eat too much,she just lays down all day,I am getting schocked up writing about it.It upsets me so much because she was so thin and hyper,and now she can't move. Nobody wants to play with her because she started getting horrible dandruff. I have no idea how. It only started once she gained weight,and she gets bigger daily. I keep telling the Vet. I think she has something wrong in her tummy but he checks and says she is too overweight but doesn't have any sickness. I feel so bad,my heart is breaking,I don't want to lose her. Any suggestions will be helpful. Any advice.

    thank you:sad:
  2. I'd find another vet and get a second opinion. Just know that tests are expensive and if a vet thinks this will stop you from having them taken, they will dismiss you like your vet apparently has. Ask around for a good, caring vet. Meanwhile, feed your cat the lowest calorie cat food you can find. Cat food is very high in calories because a normal cats metabolism burns em' up quickly. Your cat isn't for some reason. Could be he is a large breed to begin with.
  3. Cats being morbidly overweight is not something to be taken lightly, is my opinion. I agree with bagnshoo, I wouldn't wait and find a feline-only hospital in your area and go there for another check up. Some vets treats cats as small dogs, and they aren't... I really wouldn't wait...
  4. what is a faline only hospital?

    I don't mind paying high prices for tests or anything as long as she is cured.
  5. Obese cats have a hard time grooming which may explain the dry flaky skin. A daily brushing will help. However what your kitty really needs is a thorough check-up to rule out any underlying disease process. If nothing else your kitty must be put on a diet ASAP, obesity is dangerous for cats.

    Good luck!
  6. do you know how I can find the best diet for her?is there such thing as a cat nutritionist?
  7. ^^A good vet can recommend a diet for you. One thing to keep in mind is that you may inadvertantly end up putting your other kitty on a diet, as well.
  8. A feline only hospital is a cat only vet/hospital where they would focus on cats. Your cat defiently needs some tests done & hopefully they can figure out the problem and fix it. Do you feed both cats the same food? Maybe you should switch to a weight management food for the bigger one just to start! Good luck!
  9. If she's not eating a lot but putting on a lot of weight, it could be a sign something is wrong with her thyroid. I'd get a full blood test done for her immediately.
  10. Are you in Jeddah? If you are unfortunately there isnt a feline hospital, but there are other vets you could try. I would definetly get her completely checked out.
  11. Noon I am in the states now, so I am hoping it'll be possible to heal her before I leave.

    I was thinking of leaving her at my mothers so she can be on a diet and my other cat would eat regular cat food,but will this be bad on them,because I have never seperated them,They've been together since they were babies.
  12. Cats, like lots of species, do not lose weight that quickly. And you really do not want to starve a cat because they do go into hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver) and they will get seriously ill very fast...
    So whatever you are going to do, I really think you have to do it under veterinary supervision. Do not put your cat on a diet or try to find solutions on the internet.