A case of the Wednesday blues

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  1. SO you know I am utterly impatient. So after I decided that navy patent needed a new owner to love her and look after her, I needed to get back up to 8 Bays.

    So what did I do?
  2. ... and ... ????????????? come on, let's be having it then ! x
  3. hehehe. I am so thankful for a fellow tpfer for letting me know about a good discount as NO WAY was I paying full price!
  4. I mourned my navy patent as she was so gorgeous and as others said I would be unlikely to be able to replace her.

    But because of the patent I didn't feel comfortable using her. And if I didn't use her over winter 2013 after last using in nov/dec 2012 I knew I was unlikely to use her later this year.

    So I said a sad goodbye......
  5. Is there a happy ending!!?!!?
  6. Midnight bay?
  7. of course there is a happy ending

  8. On to the reveal

    Beautiful midnight Bayswater as a replacement for the also gorgeous Navy patent Bayswater. if I could afford it I would have kept the navy patent but I am not a collector so she had to fund midnight!




    With flash

    I am so pleased with this bag. And I know I will wear it and not vice versa. I will confidently take this to work, meetings and conferences :smile: yay!
  9. Wow! She looks stunning. :biggrin::biggrin:
  10. Midnight is a fantastic colour, it was made for you. You won't regret parting with the other bays as this is a "use me" colour.
  11. Beautiful bag! I know how much you've wanted this so congratulations! Hope you enjoy carrying her with confidence (even though I absolutely adored her patent predecessor!)
  12. Gorgeous! The leather looks amazing
  13. Fabulous bag CP, the colour, the hardware and the type of leather are just the perfect combo.
  14. Congratulations CP! I know I said I liked patent bays but Midnight Bays makes up for it :P Stunning colour, wear her in good health!