1. Ok, so you guys remember me and the blue suede carly!!

    I've had a revelation that carlys just arent for me!

    Yes, she is pretty to look at, but she s huge and i just cant get over the overslouchiness of the carly bags!!!

    And plus, with my track record with the suede chevron, which I had to search for a good suede cleaner for, is horrible!! I mean i wore her like she was a leather bag and paid for it!

    I love this bag just because of the color and for that i cannot keep her :crybaby:she deserves a better home!!!

    Sooooo I went to search for a replacement, and guess what?!?!??!

    COACH CALLS ME FOR A JOB INTERVIEW YESTERDAY AFTERNOON!!! I WENT TO THE INTERVIEW THIS MORNING!! It was a group interview.. we ll see how i do! I hope they call me!! IF they do, that s one more SA for you guys!!!
  2. Wow! Congrats on the job offer!

    I love the carly style on other people, but it just isn't for me--which really bummed me out for awhile. Once you know what you love, stick with it--it'll save you lots of money and returns in the future!

    Good luck!
  3. Congrats on the job offer! I really hope you get it!
    I understand your problems with the Carly. I have the same problem. I just sold my large Carly on eBay, even though I said I wouldn't... I just really like the way they look! But, I don't think they are for me either.

    I could never do suede.. I thought your Carly was beautiful, but I think it would be very very hard to take care of...

    I remember your chevron, do you still have it? So, it got really dirty? Were you able to get it cleaned up? That is such a cool bag. You looked so good wearing it too!:yes:
  4. ooooh hope you get the job...how cool is that?
  5. Hope you get the job! That'd be so cool! And I can't do suede either, the corner just get dirty no matter what you do and it bugs me! I'm also not a Carly girl, the strap kills my shoulder for some reason after I wear it for a while. Anyway, good luck!
  6. WOW! That's awesome! Congrats, did you put an app. in? Or did they just call you? That's really cool! Sorry you're not a Carly girl. I love the way they look, but sometimes the slouch is a bit much.
  7. :tdown: about Carly (I love the slouch btw) but :tup: for the job offer!
  8. Good luck, hope you get the job! Keep us posted.
  9. :nuts: Kat!! I hope you get the job girl!!!
  10. thanks guys!!!! i was really bumed out about the suede carly... i LOVE suede but it doesnt love me.. maybe a dark colored suede would work better... something about the material being so soft and cozy just gets to me.. and baby blue is one of my favorite colors!!

    tara, i still have the chevron and still love it but it got sooo dirty so fast and i had to pay 25 to clean it, they did the best they could and it actually looks way cleaner but it will never look like the day i bought it!!!

    my stitched duffles still look the same from when i bought them, and i wear them much more!! even the white poppy tote held up better than the chevron!! so the blue suede is a no go!

    Val - I know it would be awesome if i got it!! u just never know with some companies though, i think i did good!

    LA, I filled out like 7 applications within the past year and finally i put down one of the SAs there as how i found out about the job, she was really nice to me and told me to apply one more time and i did!!! fingers crossed!!
  11. Ooo....I'm so excited for you! That would be an awesome job! Good luck!
  12. thanks!!! i would be soooo happy!!!!!

    i realized that I cant work in the field that I have my degree in (Graphic Design) and that I have a passion for fashion!!!
  13. Good luck girl! I hope you get it :smile:
  14. good luck on the job! i can't wait for you to hear a call back, so exciting!

    so sorry about the carly. you sure you really can't work with the slouch? maybe a signature or leather carly? i personally never liked the slouch of the carly, but it's just such a beautiful bag to look at. lol
  15. oops, accidentally posted twice and i can't delete this post. aaah, just ignore this. lol