A Canard Four-Course Reveal

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  1. Canard is one of those BV colors I couldn’t resist. Like many BV colors, it is a chameleon depending on the leather and the lighting.

    My collection starts with an Amuse Bouche. I picked up the Canard Ayers Double Knot Bracelet earlier this year.

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  2. The BV Spring Summer sale and two of my SAs enabled my Canard dinner party. Here is the Appetizer – the Canard Lanyard.

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  3. The Entrée is my favorite BV leather and bag style – the so easy to wear Canard Cervo Hobo. The leather is so soft and rich. The color changes depending on the lighting conditions.

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  4. And finally, Dessert is a real treat. I love matching my BV wallets with my bags. I couldn’t resist the Canard Nero Cravatteria Motif with Ayers Detail Zip Wallet.
  5. Your DH takes beautiful photos. Nice additions to your massive collection!
  6. We are twins :smile:
    The best leather of all times, can't stop touching it!
  7. I just love it! The wallet is the kicker; you're captivated by the bracelet and lanyard, drooling when the hobo arrives and knocked over with the wallet. Well done!
  8. ^ I do my own photography with my iPhone.
  9. What a wonderful gourmet meal!

  10. Amazing collection. I've always had a sweet tooth - love this wallet. I broke down and bought the same in the Nero mist to match my Veneta. Should arrive today. The cravatteria is one of my favorite designs.

  11. Wonderful progression of canard items. All are terrific, but that wallet is especially wonderful. Enjoy! Thanks for the photos!

  12. [emoji6] I agree. I have 5 Cervo Hobos and the LE Cervo Cocker in Parma. Cervo takes BV dyes so brilliantly.

  13. Thank you. You will love the Cravatteria zip wallet.

  14. Thanks. I wanted to have some fun with the reveal because I am a foodie. [emoji486]

  15. Thanks G. I'm carrying the group today. The Cervo hobo is such a happy color.
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