A call to all '05 Teal owners

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  1. I'm thinking of going for something in 2005 Teal and was wondering if any of you have experienced fading with your Teal Bbags?
  2. I have a Teal first, and I absolutely love it! The colour is slightly different now to when i first got it, I wouldn't say faded but used. The handles don't show darkening unlike the lighter colours. As long as you look after it, you should have no problems at all. A lovely colour that goes with everything - a very wise investment!
  3. I've heard about the supposed "fading" of certain colors, but I really think that it's not really fading, but more like the sheen (gloss) is worn off after use. Unlike prior years, the '05 and early '06 leathers had a shine to them that would wear off and as such, a lot of folks thought that the color had faded. Have you tried AppleGuard or one of the other leather products that will restore the sheen?
  4. I was thinking if the new aquamarine is very similar to teal, wich one is nicer??
  5. my teal has changed a bit, but it hasn't really faded. the patina is just a bit more "broken in"- i like it!
  6. I love my '05 teal, and the color is wonderful.....no fading, and (as Anna Jane stated) it's a versatile color to have.
  7. My teal hobo is still a great colour, it hasn't faded at all and it has been well used. I was really lucky in finding a Teal which had great even leather, which is still smooshy and soft!! I wish I had bought a Teal city as well!!
  8. Ditto.

    Handbagaddict, there's a pristine teal city on eBay right now with very low starting price and no reserve. It looks like it's in great condition.

    :back2topic: Teal in my opinion is one of the most underrated colors. Everytime I look at my teal I'm :wtf: by what a deep, rich, gorgeous color it is. I don't think it gets anywhere near the hype it deserves. And no, no scary fading on mine either. It's rich and supersaturated throughout.:yes:
  9. ^^ Ooooh thanks Deco! ;) Hmm, maybe that Teal city isn't such a distant dream afterall!! :love:

    Would love to see a pic of your teal Deco....I agree, I think teal is one of the nicest blues that Bal have ever done...and we know they love their blues!!! If only they loved pinks and purples too!!!
  10. I really like teal too, it's a pretty versatile color. Here's a picture of a teal first that shows the color nicely:

  11. Beautiful bag!! If you love teal and don't want to pay above retail, the new aquamarine is a bright marriage between '05 teal and turquoise.
  12. Thanks girls! I really appreciate you taking the time. :yes: