a call from my sa... and my unexpected H addition

  1. so i'll try to keep specifics out of this entry as much as possible in recent light of vlad and kellybag's latest entries... but today i got a call from my SA, letting me know that just one 2007 cadena came into the store today, in gold. gold cadenas aren't on my wish list, but i did want to see it in person, plus she corroborated a pretty interesting store inventory that i had just heard about via pm from another tpf'er - thanks girl :smile:

    so i went.. and there were lots of beautiful items - rose shocking bearns and cell phone holder, 32 kelly in raisin epsom, 25 kelly in natural epsom, 28 kelly with the canvas on the outside and zippers, and the one thing i was interested in...

    this is what i walked out with - never planned it, but had been loving this color for awhile now... i figured how often will i see this combo again...

    ok pictures coming up shortly - i'm uploading them full size and it's taking forever!
  2. Fabulous!
    Can't wait to see pics!
    Congrats and Enjoy.
  3. Whoaaaa!!!! :nuts: What did you get??? I can't wait what to see what you got in there!:drinks:
  4. tell do tell!!!!
  5. wanna see wanna see wanna see

    raisin kelly?? oh why can't i have money!
  6. :nuts: :nuts: What is it?????
  7. pics still uploading... friend just called, i promise i'll post up soon!
  8. :drinkup:

    msbean, at least give us the specs for the love of pete! lol
  9. lol!

    I was on the train today and heard these two girls having a convo and one said "oh, i hope to make 6 figures by the time i'm thirty" i almost swallowed my tounge! i'm 30 and i barely make a third of that! :::: sobbing:::: what am i doing wrong?

    sorry for the hijack.
  10. :popcorn:
  11. [​IMG]

    one pic at a time, doing this with one hand while on the phone with my friend!

  12. We really, really NEED a stripper smilie
  13. [​IMG]

    can you tell what this is yet?
  14. Looks like a Kelly box
  15. 32 cm kelly?