A Cache of Chanel shoes...

  1. A very good consignment shop in Livingston NJ has a large cache of Chanel shoes in, all in size 6.5 and are either in new or barely worn condition. She has at least 6 pairs...The shop is Duet and the owner is Lynn. If you go or phone, tell her Dawn referred you. Her number is 973-535-1133.
  2. dang i wear a size 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Do you know what styles might be available?

  4. There were loafers, ballet flats, pumps, sandals. I wish I could be more specific...but I was a bit unobservant since I wear 8.5. If you email or call them, they will tell you what they have.
  5. Do you know what their pricing is like? Thanks :smile:
  6. Most of the Chanel shoes I have purchased there have been less than $200. Her prices are very reasonable.