A BV Christmas Surprise

  1. I knew there was a ferro Sloane under the tree with my name on it...a gift from DH that DD spent a lot of time on the phone tracking down. But inside that box was another BV box! DD gave me a cosmetic case in nero that matches my wallet! It took my breath away! It's so lovely and opens so wide that it's easy to get things from the bottom without emptying the entire case...something I had to do with my LV cosmetic case. I'm told I'm not an easy person to surprise but this is one surprise I'll remember forever. Happy New Year to my PF friends!
  2. where are the pics? :p
  3. LLAN, congrats on such a nice christmas present! You surely deserved it being a wonderful wife and mother to DH and DD! Happy holidays to you, too!
  4. pictures please!!
  5. Congrats to you - it's always nice to be surprised with something you love! Can't wait to see your pics...
  6. How lovely! Congrats to you! :yahoo:
  7. Congrats on your lovely gifts! Definitely ones to cherish for years to come.
  8. What a sweet DD!! It must be so special to you, congratulations!!
    ~ would love to see the pics of both together...:smile:
  9. Wow, what lovely prezzies! And it's so sweet of your DD to help your DH track down the bag!! And he even got you something from BV too! Congratulations on the BVs and having such a wonderful DH and DD!:drinks:
  10. Congrats honey! Please post pics when you can! We love seeing everyones different BV's!
  11. yay!! what a great holiday!! how wonderful that only do you have a great DH, but also a DD that is well trained, heehee ;)
  12. How sweet!!! Great surprises are always fun!
  13. what wonderful surprise gifts! Yes, we want to admire--please post pics!
  14. Congrats on the lovely gifts. We love to oogle, so please indulge us. :yes:
  15. Congrats and Happy Holidays! :heart:What a sweet DH. :girlsigh: Action pics are absolutely required. :yes: