a button saga

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  1. I bought a blue trench style jacket 2 years ago at Saks, and discovered that a button fell off. I searched my button drawer for the replacements and found the tag and receipt only. I went to Burberry in Short Hills NJ, to see if they could order the buttons, and they were of no help. I know they still make them because they are on other jackets. "They only order buttons for trench coats...." Not nice help either. Rude. Then I went to Saks to see if they could help since they sold me the jacket. Well Saks s***k*d as well. Pardon my language. Although the sales person tried to get a manager, no manager was available. Can you believe it? I am tearing up my credit card.

    I called the 800 customer service for Burberry and they said to send pictures and they would try to get me the button. I am old school, and generally don't email companies, but I guess for the 21st century, I must change.

    I got home and again searched my button drawer. I found the buttons.

    All that energy wasted.
  2. Hahaha 🤓👍