A Burberry Filled Weekend! 7 new purchases and more!

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  1. :yahoo:im over the moon!! as posted previously, Burberry held its annual private sale over the weekend in Singapore and prices were amazing!!.. These are my new purchases =)

    1) Burberry Manor Bag:love: Patent Nickel with Lined Check - SGD 800, USD565 (according to online currency convertor)

    2) Burberry Prorsum Tweed Wool Jacket in light blue/yellow/tan - SGD100

    3) Scarf - SGD 180

    4) Check Orange with White Leather Belt - SGD 50

    5) Burberry Prorsum Denim Jeans - SGD 250:heart::heart:

    6) Burberry Silk Purple Tie - SGD 80

    7) Burberry key ring - SGD 80

    along with these, my mum also got a coat, a beaton in patent black, a westbury in brown and housecheck and a white skirt! unfortunately these items are with her and I cant take pics of them yet.

    wasn't really expecting anything at the sale but damn! im officially on a ban. for life:wtf:
  2. To start off with a BANG! my manor bag!!

    i'm not really sure how to describe it, but the check is cut up and lined separately..
    DSC01461.JPG DSC01462.JPG
  3. 2) Tweed Wool Jacket which is just right for this years winter!!! :love:
    DSC01467.JPG DSC01468.JPG
  4. More pictures, please!!! Indulge us...
  5. :love:as you wish =) here is 3 and 6, scarf and tie
  6. Wow fantastic purchases, congrats!
  7. More pics more pics more pics! :woohoo:

    Those are AMAZING prices! :tup:
  8. omg...i love the tweed jacket!!!
  9. wow, congratulations!
  10. Love the manor!!! and the jacket is lovely !!
  11. Gorgious manor. Congrats on all these new items!! Love that coat too!
  12. OMG congrats on your goodies....They are fabulous!
    why couldn't I be in singapore???
  13. pisdapisda, marg1, mona, roxana, baby of fashion, mrodriquez and addy thanks for all your wonderful comments!!..

    i went on abit of an overload but i love every single piece!!

    here is 4) Belt :heart::heart:
    DSC01463.JPG DSC01466.JPG
  14. Wow! SO jealous! :biggrin: That is way too cool. I'm going to Holt Renfrew with my mom on Wednesday....but I doubt she'll spoil me. Maybe I'll buy something for myself. But nothing will be THIS good of a sale!
  15. thanks umbrella faerie! i love your name btw.. hopefully you'll have a burberry filled wkend too hehe

    this is number 5, my burberry prorsum jeans modelling pics..
    DSC01453.JPG DSC01454.JPG DSC01455.JPG