A BUNCH of Damier Azur items on Elux NOW

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  1. Go girls go!!!!
  2. Wow the Keepall 55 looks so HOT!
    p11334874_ph_hero.jpg p11334890_ph_hero.jpg p11334911_ph_hero.jpg
  3. That´s so nice of you to inform :yes:
  4. wow, earlier than the stores! For sale that is!
  5. Some more pics:
    p11335308_ph_hero.jpg p11335279_ph_hero.jpg p11335017_ph_hero.jpg
  6. Someone please get the mini pochette fast!! It´s cheap and stunning. (and I can´t get it:crybaby:) Post pics the moment you get it!!
  7. yayyy!!!
  8. More:
    p11335084_ph_hero.jpg p11335324_ph_hero.jpg p11335340_ph_hero.jpg
  9. Last 2:
    p11333118_ph_hero.jpg p11327340_ph_hero.jpg
  10. AHAHHAAHAHHAHAH I am so excited!!!
  11. Hoooooollllerrrr! I wasn't before, but now i'm really excited about this line~! I really have to see it in person first but I think i'm totally just gonna go for it and get a pochette cles [​IMG]
  12. I think I'm blind, I can't find it :sad:
  13. Check under "Louis Vuitton: New Arrivals" on the elux homepage :yes:
  14. it still looks like a washed-down version of the damier. i definitely need to see this in person.

    thanks for the heads up!!
  15. Miyoshi--neither could I...

    go to the LV "new arrivals" section...its under there
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