a bunch of cambons at bloomies boston (chestnut hill)

  1. Just an update.. I was there today and saw the diamond shine flap in bronze, perforated flaps (including the three-color), cloudy bundle small tote, luxury line tote, a bunch of classic flaps in black and beige and about 3 reporters (white cc on black, black patent cc on black, black cc on black), and one cambon bowler (black cc on beige)=)
  2. Wow, the Reporters, wonder if the price is still the same?? pinkcrazy, do you know how much the cambon bowler is??? TIA.
  3. Sorry, the SAs were very busy just now attending to what seems to be a very very demanding customer. They also have two sizes (I dont know what are the sizes for the reporters) but somehow the reporters I saw seems smaller than the reporters I usually see on the streets (the common ones)-- like mini reporters. Really cute!
  4. Were the reporters on sale?

  5. Hi pinkcrazy,
    I have been searching for cloudy bundle e/w tote...is that the small tote that you mentioned? Do you remember what color it was?
  6. Instead of replying to this thread with questions, why not just call the store and ask?
  7. hi, I'm not really very familiar with the cloudy bundle line, so I'm not sure whether the one I saw was the e/w. but yes, definitely call them and ask. Their stock usually dont go as fast as other department stores in boston because they are not exactly located in the city itself. good luck and sorry for the late reply. wasnt really paying attention.

  8. Can't speak for others but some of us have the purseforum up on a separate window on our computer and are on and off all day just to check in.

    Its easy to steal a minute or two to read a thread but not so easy to get on the phone and start calling department stores:idea:

    if the original poster has the answer and is online why not? No harm in asking, right :okay:
  9. the smaller Reporter is about $2,700,.............not that much less than what the old one was going for before they discontinued it/put it on sale (about $3,150)
    the newer ones are very cute................i believe its in the Cloudy Bundle ligne,,it has a chain shoulder strap instead of the leather and that luscious distressed leather............i think its $2700-$2800

    NM Boca has them
    Chanel Palm Beach has the ones with the leather handles