A budding coach lover wants to share her joy

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  1. Hello and welcome :smile:

    Very nice collection!
  2. Very pretty!!! I'm loving the red Bleecker.
  3. OOOOHHHh!! I LOVE your Legacy Pouch and your Bleecker Flap and your wallet!!! Congrats!!!:tup:
  4. Love your collection. That red bleecker flap is gorgeous. :drool:

  5. Welcome, your little bleecker is adorable and dont worry, I dont know how to tie my scarf either :P
  6. Red bleecker is SUCH a nice purse!

    I asked the SA to show me how to tie my scarf...:blush:
  7. Welcome and thanks for sharing! I love the wallet! :tup:
  8. Welcome -- very cute collection! On the scarf tying, all I can recommend is to practice a lot - I swear some people can tie the most perfect bows - mine always look a little off.
  9. welcome to tpf! i love your red flap bleeker :smile::smile:
  10. Welcome. Cute 'small' collection! I bet they all look terrific on you!

    Take care,
  11. Nice collection! Welcome to tPF!
  12. What a great collection! Congrats!
  13. Lovely collection. You'll have to keep us posted with what new babies the Coach stork brings your way.

  14. Thank You! I'm happy with my purchases too....

    On the hardware...u meant the turn lock? mine seems "tight"
  15. I was looking high and low for that bag =)

    was very happy to have got it thru ebay! :yes: