a brown hobo

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  1. So I'm still on my brown hobo search....I lost out on a IF that sold out on Adasa, and there is a preorder IF Whip Flashback in brown for $450,
    but due to wedding expenses adding up, :wacko: , I'm trying to find a really good deal on a bag...I found the BCBGirls Cognac leather "city slicker" tassel bag, and its an unbelievable deal at $75! Does anybody own this one, or have you seen it IRL? I'm trying to figure out of it would fit on my shoulder (I have tiny arms). I don't know how to post pics, so here's the link...
  2. It looks like you would have to have smaller arms than Nicole Richie to have that fit on your shoulder :weird: I think it's a hand held bag, it looks like it..

    Oh and I hear you on wedding costs adding up, I have the same problem :wacko: