A brilliant way to save up for my next bag...


Feb 21, 2010
Auckland, New Zealand
After buying SO many other brands in the past year, I bought heaps of wallets and bags. There is not much to buy here in New Zealand, and our dollar is pretty strong so I managed to snap up a few good deals on the bay for preloved Coach and Kate Spade bags. I thought I probably have bought 20 pieces and each time shipping was about $45USD! So looking back I have probably spent about $1000 on shipping alone! (stupid I know)

Anyway on Saturday I pulled out my very first LV, an Artsy I bought 2 years ago and man it is the best bag!! I didn't understand why I kept it in the closet for the past year (used it every now and then but had all these 'new' bags to use and try on) so I had forgotten about how good she looked on my shoulder and the wonderful 6 inner pockets she has. I pulled out my ZCP in bleu nuit and started using it too, and it fits perfectly in one of those inner pockets. I was so excited on saturday as if I just got a new bag!

I had plans to go to LV to look at a couple of bags that day after work as I couldn't get Milla or Menilmontant out of my head. So I went there, tried everything and I just didn't understand why I needed to purchase another bag?! I already have the best!! I originally was going to purchase a Milla to keep coupons, reciepts etc... but I have all those pockets in the Artsy I could use. So it probably is a bit pointless...

I tried on almost everything and I just didn't love any pieces in particular. However I couldn't keep my eyes off the Vernis in Blanc Corail so I ended up buying a little business card holder and I love it!!

So last night I decided to put my other bags online (and sold a couple already, MODs I know no selling here :smile:) I came to realise that I am so happy with my Artsy I will wear her everyday with my ZCP and card holder. All the money I get from the sales of the bags will go into my savings account, and even better if I decide to buy anything bag related I will transfer the same amount into my savings. So this will give me a second thought when I come to purchasing anything on impulse in the future. I have already transfered the same amount I paid for my card holder, and I will just wait until I see my next HG bag :smile: hopefully Delightful in Azur someday in the future.

Thanks for letting me share.


Jan 22, 2011
Katy Tx
I'm so glad you're using your Artsy ! I have one and I love it !!! I use it all the time except when we have rain. I got caught in a thunderstorm once and immediately shoved it under my shirt to keep that goregous handle dry !


Mar 26, 2010
specme said:
I'm so glad you're using your Artsy ! I have one and I love it !!! I use it all the time except when we have rain. I got caught in a thunderstorm once and immediately shoved it under my shirt to keep that goregous handle dry !
I use mine in the rain and snow storm.. We had snow yesterday and I used my Artsy lol.. I just wrap the handle while I'm out in it and then once I've reached my destination I unwrap it and put the bandeau in my bag.. Cause really the other part of the bag can handle the weather :smile:

Loving My Louie's...


Aphrodite A
Jul 18, 2010
Great plan, Im glad you're enjoying your Artsy and I hope you get good money for all those bags you're not using anymore. :tup:


Jul 5, 2009
This is such a great story :smile: i'm glad you're enjoying your ZCP and Artsy! Good luck with the sales of your other items!


Jun 19, 2007
New Jersey
I like that way of saving! I sometimes impulsively buy bags/accessories and if I did things your way I may save myself some money! thanks for the idea. Glad you like your artsy!
Jun 4, 2011
congratulations on making the first steps! i am actually with you on this. i found a bag that i truly like and i have decided to use her for a long time. at the end of every year, my husband and i write out our own individual goals and we do our couple's goals. this year on my goal list numero uno is to not purchase a purse. i thought it would be difficult but i've noticed the substantial amount of money i am able to put away that i am convinced i'll be doing this for a long time. matter of fact, i've changed my priority to look forward to travelling more since i am able to save up. so congratulations again and keep it up! i know i will since there's more to life than always hunting down the latest and greatest purse!! :P


Obsessed and in LoVe
Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
I'm glad you're selling off what you don't use and getting the most out of the bag you really love. I love my LV bags most in my collection but I do love using my other brands too. I should try to work everything into the rotation more though and if I find I'm not using a particular few very much, I should do what you're doing!


Oct 25, 2011
It really is a wonderful, freeing epiphany to realize what you actually love the most and that you can get rid of the stuff that doesn't matter much to you. I read a Diane Von Furstenberg quote a while back that has resonated with me ever since: "Once you figure out your suitcase, you figure out your life." For me, that quote reminds me of how nice it is to keep a small number of things that I truly treasure. It's too exhausting trying to curate a large collection of "stuff" that just sits in my closet! The Tolkien nerd in me really relates to Gollum - I'm always a bit torn between obsessing over my things and wanting to get rid of them!


Loves Her Baby Girl!
Apr 14, 2008
I love that idea! I find myself purchasing things off the bay just because I think they are a great deal- and then they sit in my closet LOL!


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
Congrats!! I don't think I'd have as many nice LV bags if I didn't have my Coach collection to sell off to fund them !! Enjoy your Artsy and zcp:smile: