A bright colored WORK

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  1. Hey ladies , looking to get my third bbag, and need help deciding on a color. Let me first tell you what I have.

    I have a 04' marigold first....LOVE IT!!!

    and a 06' greige day... goes with everything.

    I dont want another black bag, I leave that to Chanel.

    So, I was thinking about the Burnt, Rouge or Blue Work, or something bright.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Also, for those you have the work, can it be worn on your shoulder?
  3. I've bought recently my first bright bags,both Balenciaga!One Blue(aquamarine or Teal,don't know)Day and one red(rouge theatre)Work,I've never weared red bag before:It's amazing,it matches all my clothes!!!
    You can wear on your shoulder if you don't wear a coat or if you're petite.
    Hope this helps!
  4. Sorry double post
  5. a rouge sounds really good!
  6. roge vif or a fb would be awesome and yes i do carry it on my shoulder but its a tight squeeze depending on what im wearing
  7. The "burnt" rouille is an amazing color that goes with a ton of stuff!! I highly encourage that!!! :tup:
  8. once the handles on the work get broken in, you can easily wear it over the shoulder. probably not over a heavy winter coat, though.

    there are some amazing colors coming up in the 07 f/w, like tomato and violet, that would look great in a work. right now, vert gazon or rouge vif or rouge vermillion even aquamarine would be great bright colors that would look nice with all types of wardrobes :yes:

    the rv and aqua might be hard to find, though BalNY still has a variety of works, as does aloha rag in hawaii!!!
  9. I saw it in grenat (i think) and it was sooo pretty, but also whenever i see the lilac color i am:drool: and i think that would be TDF as well....i want a work too so post pics when you decide i'd love to see:tup:
  10. blue! a bright red is too much for a large sized work IMO
  11. yes I would second the blue route - i saw a marine work (think it was someones on here) and it looked amazing.

    I have the sapin work which is also another fabby colour

    Good luck and let us know what you decide
  12. I think red would be amazing! I am on the WL for Tomato!