A brief article about the Fall 07 show, for anyone interested...

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  1. Here's the link...

    Cloud Burst Chanel
  2. Thanks for sharing ;)
  3. Thanks for posting!
  4. Thank you! :yes:
  5. thanks for posting ! did anyone of you see the slidshow ?? those model's brows look a bit weird to me
  6. Did you like this season's collections? I think for FW07/08....Karl did all the traditional fancy pieces for Paris Monaco pre-Fall, so I guess he took some leeway. I just wish he reserved his wacky stuff for the other labels he designs for....like his own Karl Lagerfeld collection....or even Fendi. Some of the Chanel daywear he featured with the 60s graphics is supposed to draw in younger clientele, but honestly, it looks like vintage thrift - not $4K a jacket worth. Karl, channel Coco and bring back pretty like you do with the Chanel couture collection!
  7. Yeah, the brow makeup was a bit out of control lol.:p
  8. I totally agree, esp since seeing the pictures of the handbags you posted in the other thread...what's with the fringe detailing?