A Brief and Whacky LV Adventure


Apr 6, 2007
This happened to me several years ago.
I came home from work one day to find a box sent from one of the NYC LV boutiques. FedExhad delivered it and my 13 yo daughter had signed for it.
In the box was a black multicouleur satchel bag, I do not know the style name. Beautiful!! The invoice had the same last name as mine (unusual name) but a man's first name. I had not ordered this bag, and no one had ordered it for me. It was a dream come true!
But of course I knew it was not mine to keep. Still, perhaps some distant relative of my husband's had sent it to me?
I carried it to work the next day, very carefully, to show it off.
Sure enough, several days later I got a notification from FedEx asking me to come to their office and pick up another package. Maybe another bag??
No...This one was a letter, from the LV store. It simply said " Please return the bag. The customer who ordered it is waiting for it."
So of course I arranged for Fed Ex to pick up the bag at my house. This, and the trip I had to make to their store to pick up the letter, meant missed time from work.
I never got any acknowledgement, not a Thanks for being honest or Sorry for your trouble or even a Boy are you Stupid.
I always wondered if I could have kept that bag- after all, a 13 year old's signature is not legally binding. And I wonder if they passed that bag off as new to the customer who bought it? I had obviously taken it out of its packaging.
At least I had a gorgeous bag for a few days!!


have it! keep it!
Sep 21, 2006
It was very considerate of you for returning the bag. Good thoughts coming your way.


Nov 16, 2006
Errrr...I'm sorry but...The honest thing to do would have been to return it immediately.