A Brave New Bag...World.

  1. So, today was a depressing day for me :crybaby: , but honestly...this forum kept my mind off it really well. I know I can always be cheered up here, reply, look, oogle..lol. So, 1st off, thanks to tPF to keeping me sane (and to my new bag that also came today- which helped) and keeping my mind from going places it shouldn't have. *hugs tPF and tPF members* You really don't know what good being a member here and hanging here today did for me :yes:

    But, anyways, I'm talking to a friend now on AIM and we were saying how soo many brands have soo many bags we want. We literally just cannot choose. And it's just so overwhelming.

    So. Wehad a strange and odd idea lol. We were thinking ..imagine if people upon birth were given (mandatory) one luxury handbag brand assigned to them and thats ALL they can buy. just items from that brand nothing else, so that way they dont have a choice. It wouldn't be cruel cause it would be the only known way of life (the norm, like a cultural thing) for that certain situation, no one brand better than the other, no class differences..but an equal random assigned bag designer.
    It would prob. be between LV, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci. These 4, all heavily branded and logoed names. All equal. and just be randomly choosen and branded on your right wrist, a small spot with the logo of your assigned designer. Then like...hermes, balenciaga, etc.. any one other (only 1 allowed) additional designer had to be earned. like a points system, it would be super hard and you'd have to go to a special college for it and pass and then you can choose one and get it branded next to your birthright brand. LOL, this is all so weirdo and stupid and it was meant to be a blatent joke, but that was our kooky way of us solving OUR problem of wanting like, every bag of every deisgner right away. lol.

    she just said "omg, we should get tattoos"!!! lol, i love her. im so tempted now, ha.
  2. That's quite some imagination there. I think I would love to pass the system for Fendi and Hermes. ^^
  3. Etro then Mulberry.
  4. You both should be writing fiction! Interesting thoughts about the huge number of choices out there.

    I know what you mean about this being a place to go when life is tough--I really enter another world and forget about my problems and stress for awhile. glad it worked for you!
  5. U are a very creative girl. Ideas like that will get you somewhere in this world, hope that gets you through your next rough day!!