A brand new vintage custom piece. I feel like I got really lucky!!!

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  1. I just got from eBay. I know this was a custom made piece and it is brand new. The owner never ever used her. Anyone wanna see? I am so excited. This bag was so not even on my radar until a week ago. I am very excited.

  2. What is it? What is it?! :lol:
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458675682.639843.jpg
  4. A brand new LV Deauville. :smile:

  5. Pretty but I don't think that is vintage.

  6. Thanks! Made July 2002. 14 years old. Thought it was anything over 10 years? Lol.
  7. Special piece for some-one special! :love:

    Happy Birthday! :party:
  8. Nice to find a new bag that is 12 years old. Vintage is usually 20-25 years old at least.

  9. Ahhhhhhh. Then not that old. Lol

  10. Thank you very kindly!!!!! [emoji8][emoji173]️[emoji257]
  11. Apple considers anything over 7 years old to be vintage ;)
  12. Nice find!! Enjoy!
  13. You're so lucky is was brand new! Wow, so custom made? What do you mean? This style was not available to the general public? Is it because it was a mono bag, and they ordered it in DE?
  14. I have this too. Love it. It's my favorite piece of lv even though I hardly ever use it I love to look at it everyday. It's the only bag I don't put in its dustbag. Enjoy and congratulations.
  15. Congrats! It is beautiful.
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