A boy named 'Google'

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  1. Uhm what the heck? I am not sure what to think... either super cool (in a nerdy type way) or extremely wrong.

    Judge for yourself:


  2. Something tells me the boy is gonna hate his dad later in life, once he realizes that he was named after an internet search engine.
  3. Hes going to need therapy :lol:
  4. What do you think would be worse for a name, Yahoo or Google?

    Personally, I wouldn't mind being called "Lycos"
  5. Google? LOL Good luck man! That kid needs thick skin...or else he will really need therapy.
  6. Pure torcher for the kid
  7. Lycos is cute!! Umm.. what about "Purseblog" Haha! Jk, I'd never do that to my kids!!
  8. It's just cruel to call your own kid after a search engine.....
  9. JJ - I LOVE that site.

    Given this, I'm voting that blog is a hoax.
  10. Oh, geez, why do people hate their kids?!
  11. holy smokes this thread is really old.
  12. Old Thread Yes.. but I had to do a search in the Swedish Name register and it's true. There is one man (and only one) namned Google as one of his first name but it's not his "daily" name (Not sure what this is called in english).
  13. This is an old thread. Had no idea there is a Google out there.

  14. Yes, it is! :biggrin: