A boxy reveal

  1. Hi every one, I am forever looking for celine box, but the boutique in my country (only one and it is 2 hours plane ride from my home) does not have any that I like. They have the slate blue, mirror, exotic (not a big fan) and navy.

    Last weekend I was visiting Jakarta, and I popped in the boutique and they have new shipping!!! They have black box and coral. I gave it a thought for one night and decided to take home the coral one. I am happy.....
    image (4).jpeg image (5).jpeg image (3).jpeg
  2. with my everyday bag...the phantom cabas in sun
  3. Congratz, beautiful bags!
  4. So gorgeous!!! What a color! Enjoy!
  5. gorg!!!!!!!
  6. Oh my:heart::heart:
  7. Beautiful summery colors! Carry the lovely bags in good health. Congrats.
  8. Beautiful! Congrats!!
  9. Thank you so much every one. Thank you for letting me share
  10. Congrats ..beautiful purchase..the cabas is just stunning too:smile:
  11. Classy Red in box, love it :smile:
  12. Thank you every one. Yes, the cabas is great, fits everything and I was lucky to get it in linen lining. Now the new phantom cabas has a suede lining again.
  13. very pretty
  14. Gorgeous! Such a great color and just right for the season!
  15. fabulous colors! very chic bag choices.