A boxer for boxermom

  1. On Sunday, we adopted a 2 year-old male boxer from Carolina Boxer Rescue. His name is Sabo ("say-bo")--don't know what that means:confused1: --and it's like having a toddler in the house again! He's a very sweet dog, playful and happy. We thought we'd get an older dog, but dh and Sabo bonded immediately; the dog follows him around the house.:love:

    I'm not good at posting pics, so I hope this comes out so you can see him.

  2. What a handsome boy
  3. Oh he is gorgeous, hope he brings you many years of pleasure. Lucky boy to have found a great home.
  4. Aaaw, congrats! There's something very fascinating about boxers - they're so "clean" and majestic.. I love 'em :love:
  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Boxermom and Sabo!!! (and your dh!) :yahoo:

    We adopted a male dog who was about a year old this past year. It WAS like having a toddler in the house--it still is sometimes! We really love him, though, as do our other dogs.

    YAY for adopting a rescue dog!!!
  6. Wow Pat! He is one handsome devil! Do you know his story, how did he end up in rescue? Either way, he is very lucky to have found you.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. So many of you have adopted dogs that you understand there are some extra challenges sometimes.

    Jody, he was dropped off at a shelter or pound (not sure which) and the man who brought him said he didn't want him anymore because he was ugly!:crybaby: I guess once he was past the cute puppy phase, he wasn't wanted anymore. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who would say that about such a good-natured animal doesn't deserve to have a pet. I wonder what he says to his kids. We've had several dogs and many had flaws (don't we all?!), but they were all beautiful to me.:yes:
  8. Maybe the man meant that he, himself was so ugly he did not want to subject the doggie to having to look at him every day. Humor aside, people are jackasses sometimes. I am glad you got him. Yes, sometimes rescue dogs have challanges. Right now, the challanges my doxies have is who gets to get in the "big bed" first when it is time for bed..:p
  9. aw. i can't believe people sometimes! ruby had been returned to the animal shelter multiple times and was considered "unadoptable" because she was ugly. wtf? i think she's beautiful! :heart:

    congrats on sabo! i know you'll give him a great, loving home!
  10. kallison, is ruby the one in your avatar?
  11. yup!
  12. Oooooooh!!! He is the **cutest** thing I've ever seen!!! :love:
    What a sweetie-pie. Rescue dogs rule!
  13. aww he is too cute! congratulations on your new baby!
  14. What a lovely dog, so pleased he has a lovely home with you.

    Perhaps you could tell me why do they do this awful thing to boxers ears, I think they do it to Great Danes to is this a USA thing. in England we do not do this we are also trying to get away from tail docking
  15. Aaaaawwww...

    I am happy that he has found a new home with you Boxermom!

    Is it legal in the US to crop tails and ears still? In Germany it's been made illegal (yaaayyyy!!!!).