A Bonnie Story: Spring Leather Review!

  1. i've gone through so much with my Blonde Bonnie it's beyond me at this point, and now i'm here to confess my undying love and affection for the lil beyotch....

    I use the Bonnie on a regualr basis... and by that i mean every day.... rain or shine.

    today was raining angrily for a while, and i went to the grocery store for work once, and for myself once, as well as a few other errands in the rain. water spots dissappear.... ALL of them!

    the more i use it, the more the patina builds.... and i've noticed it just gets better and better. i've read up that the oils in your hands are good for leather, so i squoosh and squish it whenever possible.

    there are bite marks on it from my cat, and that definate crease in the side that i posted threads about a while ago. i just recently found a tiny bit of pen on the handle, which i realized was from sitting my bag on the counter at the bank while i was gabbing with my bank lady! i STILL don't care!

    the bag is aging perfectly. the patina is getting smoother and smoother, and i'm pretty sure i am noticing a difference in how suseptable the leather is to scratches. i used to wipe down the leather every time i saw any kind of mark on the bag... now i leave them all! ding, scratch, bump, scuff... ALL of it stays... if it's like OOGLY i'll rub on it a bit, but all the leather asks for is time to do it's thing... trust me ladies, this is a happy leather. scratches dissapear!

    i wish i could buy a bonnie in EVERY color they made so i could test drive every color, but a know a few of the ladies would agree (the ones that have blonde) that the leather is rather sensitive in the beginning!

    i know not very many people were impressed with this leather once they got it, and even our own Lexie sold her Charlie :crybaby: i loves it i wish i coulda grabbed it too... the leather is really to die for! this is a leather you have to love for a while before it loves you back ;)

    i NEVER treated my bag, nor do i plan on it. after a long and hard talk with myself i decided that a leather protectant is out of the question. every leather is different, and is made to age a certain way. i knew in the beginning when i took the bag out of the box that this was going to be an experience for me but i never did realize how cool it would be to watch a nice colored leather age gracefully (and i haven't even had it that long!!!!!!)

    so in short, the lovely Blonde Bonnie looks better than ever, and despite the few mishaps i've had with her, she's my favorite bag. even gayman says her leather looks beautiful compared to when i got her! i'm sure i'll keep everyone posted, but i just wanted to give the Spring Leather by Kooba a rave review! definately a "spring" leather, and it's the softest i've ever owned!!!

    4 thumbs up *****es, 2 from me, 2 from gayman.

    anyone who has and is avidly using any spring kooba leather, please post pictures and reviews you have yourself! here are some pix of my loverly Bonnie!

    here are the daily guts of my Bonnie:

    she's posing so sexy like:

    lookie at her closely, those lines will be gone in a day and the leather will be smoother and nicer:

    sexy side shot:

  2. cute! Glad to hear that you're actually "using" the bag rather than babying it. Lookin' good, Bonnie!
  3. she says thanks! i'm thrilled with it and when i can afford one again (a bigger one, which will be a while) i will DEFINATELY be getting another!
  4. it looks great jess!!! the color is really beautiful now it does look even better then before and im glad you are using the S*%*& out of her she deserves it! :smile: after all bags are to be used right!!!

    but i do want to pointt out that i think the leather on the charlie is even more delicate then the bonnie cause the bonnie is the same sort of leather as elisha and Lexie gives Elisha rave reviews as the best leather and she says its much tougher then the charlie leather
    so i think that leather was WAY sensitive :smile:

    but either way Bonnie looks hot!
  5. :love: i suppose what it really was, was i really loved the lady like splendor that charlie shined with... it was a big girly bag... i loved the way it looked! sensitive wouldn't fit with my lifestyle tho, the bonnie's a hardcore lil beyotch!
  6. I like my Bonnie too, such a sweet, ladylike little bag. I use it mostly when going out to dinner with my hubby.

    Yours is a dollbaby. *s
  7. Glad you are using the Bonnie and she's looking good. I would recommend the Elisha/Bonnie leather from the Spring line to anyone. It's a totally different leather than the Charlie. I have a feeling My Red Elsiha is going to be looking good for years to come.
  8. I LOVE your Bonnie! I love my little red Bonnie and I may have to get an Elisha too someday. This is a neverending saga, isn't it? :p
  9. completely. bonnie wants a big sister, and her name is TOTALLY devin! i'm in big trouble... i'm getting glared at as we speak. the ex thinks purses are BAD. no thats not why he's an ex.... hehe... we're reconciling...
  10. Do you know whether Meredith Blonde would be same leather as the Bonnie? I was looking at Meredith in the store and thought it might get worn/dirty too quickly.
  11. i would totally assume that any blonde leather would be the same type of leather but i'd call and ask to be sure!
  12. I am under the impression that the Meredith is the same leather as the Nicole and Charlie. It's much different from the Bonnie/Elisha leather.
  13. Thanks Lexie. I've been agonizing with the decision between Paige in Khaki color and Meredith in blonde:confused1: ...then after reading this Bonnie story, I looked at Elisha which is similar to Bonnie. The finish on the Meredith seems to be a bit more matte than the Elisha (although I didn't see them side-by-side . So if someone can validate my concern that the blonde Meredith is too delicate for everyday use, that would actually be helpful.
  14. i sent the following to kooba.com and will let everyone know the outcome asap:

    i own a blonde Bonnie, and was wondering if the Meredith in blonde was the same type of leather, or if it was the same leather as say, the Charlie. thank you in advance for your response!
  15. i can't say i'm not pissed off at Kooba. i message them with a simple question and they can't respond? yeesh.

    hehe i got a bit forceful, but i'm really trying to get you an answer from the horses mouth so to speak! eek! i'll keep trying!!!

    this is the second letter they got ;)

    i messaged days ago inquiring on the leather of the bonnie vs the meredith and have gotten no response at all. Kooba Handbags are expensive and i'm trying to make a decision based on the leather, and you're not helping me. please respond to my previous message! thank you!

    haha what a dink i only sent that yesterday, what an impatient little twit i am :shame: LOL