A bone to pick with LV...

  1. I must first say that I love LV products - A LOT. But, it seems that there are a lot of problems or inconveniences surrounding them. So, here I go.

    1. Speedy- The sagging. My SA commented on the shape of mine, and I told him I had put cardboard in it. He said they weren't allowed to tell customers to do that. Now I realize that I bought the bag despite the sagging, but why make an expensive bag that sags?

    2. Pochette- Needing an extender. Why don't they just make the strap that comes with it longer? Hardly anyone's arm is that tiny, and I don't want sweat all over my LV. So, if you want to carry the bag you have to shell out more money to make it long enough to go on your shoulder.

    3. Mandarin Epi- The smell. Why make a beautiful bag that just plain stinks?

    I own all of the products I just ranted about, so I feel justified in complaining a bit. I realize that I'm the silly one for buying an expensive product that's not perfect, but it still seems unnecessary.

    I also have some beef with Fendi, even though it's in the wrong thread. Both of my Spy bags are slightly defective.

    I just recently moved into the realm of designer handbags, but I must say I'm not impressed with the quality or construction of too many of them. If I'm going to spend that much on a bag, or anything else for that matter, I expect it to last long after I'm gone.:smile:

    I know that some of you feel similarly, for there have been lots of threads about these things.
  2. you're absolutely right. for the money we spend, it should be perfect. That being said, my LV SA told me to put a magazine in the bottom of my Speedy 30. But, told me not to treat the handles. (which i will be doing after finding this forum :smile: yay shining monkey).

    I've come across other forums, where if ppl see an UNsaggy speedy, they assume it's fake. So now it's like...do i let it sag or have it flat and potentially have ppl laugh at me for they think it's fake.
  3. I think the speedy looks good because of the sag, most of the time you can tell a fake because it is so structured.

    I also love the way a pochette fits, with or without extender.

    Never smelt epi before, lol but it sounds like I don't want to! What is the smell like?
  4. I love the smell of my mandarin alma...smells like leather!
  5. my epi red does not smell...i'm guessing just the mandarin is yuck? maybe that's why it's dc'd lol
  6. I agree about the mandarin epi leather, but the pochette doesn't bother me. It was made to be a cosmetics bag, after all. I had to suck it up and get the extender so I could wear it on my shoulder.
  7. its only the epi in mandarin and it smells just like cat pee - serious - no joking! And its REALLY strong!
  8. I have an epi mandarine Jasmin that doesn't smell bad. I hear ya with the sagging Speedy though. My husband made a plexiglass insert for my Speedy to prevent it from sagging. I don't understand why the bags don't have inserts to begin with. I only have a few bags from LV. For high quality bags I like Bottega Veneta. True quality.
  9. I agree a/b the pochette, it was meant as a cosmetic bag/clutch.
    Regarding the sag of the speedy, may be it's the unique look for Speedy?
    The problem that i have is the smell of Epi Mandarin. I haven't smelled it yet cuz i don't own one, but from what you describe, it doesn't sound so good. hehehehhe
    Another thing is the rusty hardware, i see that some of the ladies in the PF have experienced that. That's not good. LV has such great reputation for making exceptional bags. What's with the rusting???:Push:
  10. Good point about the pochette, ladies. I just picked up my mandarin speedy to smell it. Yep - cat pee is the best description!
  11. I am new to LV so don't have personal experience with these issues but totally agree that a luxury bag should be pretty close to perfect.

    On Thursday I am buying a mono Speedy 30 and plan to put some cardboard on the bottom. I don't like the sagging look :sad2:
  12. Ladies,
    Do you really have to put the Epi Mandarin purse to your nose to smell the cat-pee? Is it noticeable if you just carry it, can people around you smell it?
  13. see - its true - and its strong isn't it?
  14. I don't notice it unless its really close to me and its VERY strong if you put your nose to it
  15. Exactly!

    I agree about the speedy and the pochette. The Epi smell doesn't bother me much. I have a black Epi speedy and it smells like leather and dye combined. It is not bad though...I think of it as the "new bag" smell (you know how people love the "new car" smell?...lol).

    The reason I never actually bought a speedy in mono was because of sagginess. I could not stand it. I love the shape of the speedy when its not sagging though. So, that's why I went with Epi. It does not sag AT ALL! Actually, I took my baby (my speedy) out today for the first time and filled it up nicely. It held its shape perfectly! I'm sure if I put less stuff in it, it would sag a bit...but not as bad as mono!

    I bought a pochette once and returned it the next day. The strap was way too short and I did not want a hand-held bag!

    My problem with speedys...What about the fact that it is very difficult to get into an Epi speedy? It doesn't stretch as easily as the canvas ones and if you open it "too wide", the leather gets wrinkled. It should be easy to get into your bag! Especially for that price (who wants wrinkled leather?)!

    Oh, and what about the paint chipping off/fading on MC bags and accessories? I heard MANY people say that after a year of having a MC bag, they see flowers or letters chip off! I would never buy a bag from that line. I waste of money in my opinion! I don't spend $$$ on a bag to use it for a year and that chipped paint would drive me crazy!