A Blush of Pink

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
    Just wanting to share my new addition to my Dior family. I went in to get the Diorama in Rose Poudre until I saw this one in Blush Pink - it was the only piece and seasonal. So thrilled to have it in my collection (PS hope I have uploaded the photo OK, first time I have uploaded since TPF changes)
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  2. Congratulations! She's so pretty! Would love to see inside and mod shots, if possible
  3. Sure thing - the interior is a burgundy. I am a curvy girl but this is how the bag looks on me (this is the medium size)
    IMG_4304.JPG IMG_4320.JPG
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  4. Thanks for the pics! Love this color! It matches your sweater really well. How tall are you? I'm 5'9" and wonder how the medium would look on me. Also, can you use it as a cross body, or would it just look better carrying it the regular way? Sorry for all the questions. I job st love your bag!
  5. I am not quite sure how tall I am, but I am short to average height. I can wear it cross body (I have the same bag in Black) but I tend to wear it just on the shoulder most times or with the handle doubled over on the arm (if I want to look lady like- hehe). I think if you are tall and thin it can be cross body (I am curvy and busty so and it works cross body on me).

    This style of bag is my favourite in my collection, I just had to have it in the pink when I saw it. I thought Rose Poudre was pretty and was saving up for that, but this one just said "take me home" ...........
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  6. It is very pretty on you. That color is so feminine. Enjoy!
  7. Oh thank you xx
  8. that interior!!

    www. lilysjibberjabber. com
  9. Hi S :smile:
    Ages since we chatted.
    Gorgeous color & looks great on you.:heart:
    Hugs & kisses from Malaysia.
  10. Such a sweet dreamy pink
  11. Love the color! It will match with everything!!!
  12. Hello sweetie, we must chat again soon - thank you for the lovely comments - Hugs back xxxxx
  13. Wow it is such a pretty colour! Congratulations!
  14. Congratulations it looks gorgeous on you and love the match with your cardigan.
  15. What a beautiful pink! It looks lovely on you! enjoy!!