A blue instant reveal


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Jul 22, 2011
Hi all :giggles:

I'm usually over at the LV & Chanel forums however after first discovering this wonderful wallet on the Prada website and then seeing them in person I just HAD to have it....

A little story behind it..........
As i am turning 21 soon (13 days :faint:) DBF asked me what i wanted....i thought long and hard & finally decided that i wanted a new wallet.

On the website the wallet has only 3 colours, clay grey, peony pink & cameo. I had originally fallen in love with the cameo (based on how the website portayed it) i loved the light pinkness of it.....:love:

However, when i went into the store to look at it, i was a little disappointed in the colour...i actually found it a little 'dull' and wasnt as 'pinky' as i liked. :shucks: Not only that but the last cameo that they had was a display piece.....so it looked a little dirty as well :wtf:

However, the wonderful SA then told me that this colour had actually only JUST come into the store...it was actually brought in for someone however they were a no show.....as soon as i saw this colour i loved it! :love: and not only that i also figured it wouldnt get as dirty as the light pink......:graucho::graucho:

May i present to you................

My saffiano wallet in Bluette :yahoo::yahoo:

The leather smells amazing! :lol:

Thank you for letting me share :flowers::flowers: