A blog featuring Michael Kors Hamilton bag....

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  1. I found this cute blog http://loveatfirstshop.blogspot.com/ and she's modeling the michael kors hamilton bag in luggage that I'm obsessing over... Just thought that I'd share.
    Love the bag. Alot. I might have to give in and drive the hour to buy it... Hope my store still has it. The website has it on backorder.

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  2. Very cute pics. Like that luggage color a lot. Is that gold hw?
  3. No it's silver:smile:
  4. Do it, Do it!! I have it in burnt orange and it is the most fabulous bag - you'll get lots of compliments. I call her my poor girls birki - lol!
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    And one thing I can guarantee is that our murangrl is gonna wear it better than that model in the picture. :P

    It seems like you are loving that bag and have for a while, I think you should make the drive to go get it - just call first and get your ex-Coach/new Kors SA to hold it for you.

    Can you believe I've had mine (in black) since July and I haven't used it yet!! :nuts: Partly because I was waiting for Fall to roll around because I had lots of summery bags, and party cause I just have too many bags with tags still on. I think I finally have it in rotation for next week for the first time!! :yahoo:

    Hmmm - just had a thought - why not call tomorrow and see if the store will ship to you? Even if you have to pay $25 it's probably saving you time and gas anyway, right? Unless you had other things to do or wanted to make the drive for other reasons.
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    I'm thinking of going on wednesday:smile: Rumor has it that the coach outlet will have a coupon on the 6th and my daughter doesn't have playschool that day so it will work out that way. I'm mad at coach but I may still go. I don't know if I'm going to keep my PCE purchases, the two sophias. I already exchanged both of them for flaws and now... I just don't love them. They are too small I think. I'm really sad that audrey is discontinued. I may try to get one or two if there are any at the outlet.
    I will swing by MK's new store while I'm there. I know what you mean about waiting to use bags. I have some that were waiting for fall... sequins audrey is one. I've used her twice I think.
    I thought that you just bought the black MK last month... oh do you mean that you haven't used your black hamilton? It's a keeper for sure, you'd better use her! Or ship her to me!
    I just know that I would LOVE this Hamilton bag. I haven't been crazy in love with a bag since the eggshell audrey last may. I loved this MK the moment I saw her at the store last week. I was kind of in shock... I felt like I was cheating on coach lol. So I left the MK store and ventured into coach, where I was disappointed. And I am still obsessing about the Kors.... I think that I need her.
  7. I was just reading the thread on Coach about all the FP deletes at the outlets right now, holy cow!! I do think you may find some great stuff there based on what I read so why not?? I'm really sorry about your Sophias though, I know how happy and excited you were about them. Is the large one too big for you? You know I don't like big bags, but even I thought the large wasn't that big when I saw it IRL. . . .

  8. I am going to try the large on again . I didn't like the shape as much on the large. It's almost as if they just made it wider not taller.... The small one looks better.
  9. I agree! I have the luggage color like the one in the picture and I love it!
  10. Did you post pictures Minne?
  11. ^^^No, not yet. It's on my to-do list...just as soon as I figure out how to.
  12. it looks like gold hw??!

    oh how i wish
    i love everything about the hamiltons except for the silver hw
  13. I saw a black patent Hamilton and a black matte finish Hamilton both with gold HW at Macy's yesterday.
  14. You should do a reaveal thread:smile:
  15. I am really considering this bag as well - I saw the black one yesterday and it is the perfect little work bag and as close to a Birkin as I will ever get :amuse: