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  1. I think the OP has been scared off, some of the comments are likely to be quite hurtful to her.....

    I have nothing to add, except to say that we had a celebration a few days ago. Rather than buy me a gift as he usually does, DH gave me a cheque (very usual for him but he knows I like to choose what I want rather than be surprised. I have returned H bags if they weren't right). The amount was substantial (more than we are talking about here). When he gave it to me, he said it was mine to do what I wanted with. He said I should cash it, and spend it on anything that made me happy on a trip (or trips) alone, with friends or with him (usually he would go with me, but he knows sometimes I prefer to shop with girlfriends).

    My point is, a true gift has no conditions and should make you happy, not guilty or forcing you to sacrifice something you love.

    Maybe it's hard to see this now, maybe you will with time, but keep the bag you have now and love, rather than get rid of it with no guarantee of a Birkin at the end....
  2. sell your LP to a friend. get the birkin. then buy bag back from friend.
  3. Yes.. Yes.. Do this if possible..
  4. ditch the hubby.... and get a birkin!!!!:lol: out with the old and in with the new :graucho:!!!!
  5. Totally agree with this comment.
  6. Keep the LP and buy a Birkin with your own money.
  7. Please keep your LP. Nothing is worth succumbing to this type of treatment.
  8. I was just thinking.. get his check, and do not sell the bag, this is kind of sneaky but a way to show him that you want BOTH of them and you are going to do it.
    We cannot be certain how OP's marriage is or how her DH really means, and I truly do not believe her DH was as cruel or manipulative...if anything (i could also be wrong), I feel it's just a little game between them - also judged by the smiley face by OP LOL, just like a lot of normal couples would do.

    But sorry OP, can't give you any advice on the B cause I don't own one yet. But IMO, a bag is a bag, I think you can never ever stay in love forever with just one bag:graucho:, so definitely vote for getting the B
  9. :goodpost:
  10. I wonder why your DH can only allow one between the LP and a Birkin. Does your DH know how much a Birkin really cost? I mean it's not as if the LP is the same price range as a Birkin. Selling the LP will not scoop up that much money for a Birkin. Is there really no possibility to have both?

    Anyway, with that out of the way, I think the question is this: Reading your post, I can see you really love the LP. So do you think you will love a Birkin more? Have you seen a Birkin IRL? If not, can you find a way of seeing one, e.g. from a reseller/consignment store? If still not easy, can you go to Hermes to see their leather swatch? I owned many high end designer bags before I got my first Birkin. I can still remember the first time when I saw my first Birkin, I was completely blown away by its beauty. To me all bets were off then! I loved it so much that all other bags didn't matter to me any more! Do you think you will love the birkin that much? If the answer is yes, then I would take the check and never look back! Good luck!
  11. Please keep your LP. I think it is a beautiful bag and if you Love it you would Be unhappy to have given her Away. I have two birkins and Many other bags and some of the Many other bags I Love so much I would Never have given them away for getting One of my birkins. Then I would have stayed without a birkin.
    Well, maybe this is just me. But I bought my bags because I like them and I wear them a Lot although I have my birkins!!!
  12. I can't speak for the OP or her husband, but I can totally see this scenario playing out with my DH as a dare in a joking way, that started out as a conversation about why women want such expensive purses, why Hermes is worth what it is, etc. His point would be that if I had a less expensive bag that I really loved (and the OP does wax poetic about her LP, I'll have to check this bag out!), why am I going on and on about wanting this $10k bag (is it love or just keeping up with the Joneses). Perhaps her husband is doing this to prove the point that she needs to get a Birkin only if she truly loves it the way she loves the LP, not because it's THE bag to aspire to. Maybe others will consider that to be controlling as well, but that's a rather personal issue between her and her husband, not my business.

    As for what bag to replace the brown LP bag, gold in swift or maybe a brown in evergrain. Your description of your bag sounds like a smooth soft leather, and swift seems the closest thing. And is it ever a divine feeling leather, especially if you like slouchy leathers. Or natural Barenia if you can find it.
  13. ITA. How about trying to buy a B with some of your own funds, if you can manage it? It might take awhile but it'll be worth it.
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    He gave you a blank check for a Birkin? :nuts: That's wonderful! I'd love to have a husband who would buy me a Birkin.

    By the way, maybe he really hates the LP and he wants to replace it at all costs! :lol:

    Clearly, you love your Loro Piana. So how about you make another deal with him: either a croc/diamond Birkin or a leather Birkin and keep the LP. :biggrin:

    I think before you take the H leap you should try carrying a Birkin, you may not love it, as unbelievable as that sounds, or might find it too heavy or impractical. And you need to do tonns of research to know what size, leather and colour combination you might prefer. Bear in mind you may not find the exact one you want, and you'd have to settle for another colour. If you like neutrals, you can go for gold, etoupe, or chocolate brown.
  15. very true.

    I wouldn't sell anything, Loro Piana is a wonderful, understated brand. I rather not comment on OP.
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