A black clutch

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Which black clutch :

  1. BV silk satin knot clutch

  2. Chanel timeless clutch

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So, I have been meaning to get a classic black clutch for a while now. You know, the kind where you can use it for formal functions, a night out with DH/girlfriends or even during the day with jeans/dresses etc. An around classy yet chic black clutch. The choices I have in mind now are the following :

    a) BV silk satin knot clutch
    b) Chanel timeless clutch (caviar or lambskin)

    Would definitely welcome any other suggestions/choices (price not more than US$1,500), comments, opinions, views etc from all you stylish ladies (and gentleman). Many thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. As much of a BV addict as I am, I would have to go with the Chanel. I have been thinking about getting one for myself, but wonder if I will ever use it! The BV clutches are absolutely breathtaking, but I find them rather small. I think they would be very appropriate for a formal event, but not so much so with jeans. The chanel timeless is a nice shape and size. I think the lambskin is beautiful, although perhaps so soft that it will lose its shape over a time. Sorry if I upset any of the BV fanatics on this forum. Just my opinion! Good luck either way. You cannot go wrong with Bottega or Chanel!
  3. I played with that knot clutch today and it is absolutely gorgeous and timeless, something that can be used forever. That is what I would go with. It's so unique and well-designed, just fits perfectly in the hand.

    this python "butterfly" one is amazing too

  4. I've also been considering the silk/satin knot clutch, but keep stopping myself from buying it because of its susceptibility to stains, dirt, etc. If this is the only BV clutch that you're considering, I'd opt for the Chanel simply because it is leather and durable, and will serve you well.

    But if you're willing to spend about $1800 and exceed your ceiling by a bit, there are BV leather knot clutches available (such as the gorgeous one that jane posted) and they quite honestly put that Chanel to shame. Just my two cents.
  5. There was another one that was a periwinkle blue reptile skin with "lace" edges done in perforated python that was jaw-droppingly stunning.
  6. Thanks for all the views/opinions/inputs. I have seen the knot in croc skin as well as a lace edge one in snake-skin. I guess I am looking out for a classic black one first, before moving on to the more outstanding/intricate ones. Actually, the black croc knot could work as a basic black too, though the price is above US$2,000 here. :Push:
  7. Between the 2 choices, I like the BV knot. But I do prefer the knot clutch in black crocodile.
  8. i would vote for the chanel timeless clutch
  9. I am a huge bottega and chanel fan...my two favorites of the moment.
    I have the chanel timeless clutch and I love it. It is cool and cute.
    I thought about getting the bottega clutch but I did not...I can't remember why...I think I thought it was too small.
  10. The satin would stop me from getting the BV knot clutch. One of the other materials would work for me. I have the black lambskin Chanel timeless clutch and it holds a lot for a clutch. The BV is so distinctive, tho. Wish I could justify the cost for something so small.
  11. Difficult but excellent choices!! They're both perfectly gorgeous and classy evening bags and I've recently tried both out for size @ NM.

    BV - love the knot detail, cute size and shape, but the satin is delicate and size is small, but fine if you don't carry a lot.

    Chanel - beautiful shape, larger size (fits more) and sturdy leather, but it's not as unique and eye catching as the BV IMO.

    Obviously, I'm no help....next!
  12. I don't even know what the Chanel bag you're talking about looks like :smile: But I am not a Chanel fan.

    I think the BV clutch could easily become an heirloom piece.
  13. i actually love both!!
    the BV clutch is so cute and elegant, but yes it is so small...
    however, the chanel is bigger and nice too..

    im no help either...lol!
  14. Tough choice here! Don't envy you on this one.
  15. I voted Chanel timeless, but only because I would opt for leather rather than satin. Both of your options are great ones... both bags are stunning. They both are different shapes though- I almost feel that the BV is even a little more formal than the Chanel, possibly because of the smaller size.

    Hum, tough choice, but either option is amazing :yes: