A bizarre gucci story

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  1. I was at the mall yesterday at the Anna Sui makeup counter. As I'm paying, one of the SA's comes to the cash desk with something wrapped in a Gucci duster bag. She tells her coworker that some guy who she was doing his eyebrows for, said "Thanks, here, have a Gucci bag" and handed it to her! It was so strange, there wasn't a gift bag, box or anything, just the bag wrapped in the duster. Got a sneak peek and it was a pochette of some sort. Strange...isn't it? Would you ever accept a gucci bag (assuming it was real) from a "stranger"?

  2. "Here, have a gucci bag"? lmfao Damn, thats my dream come true. Hell yeah, Id accept it. :roflmfao:
  3. I would too are you kidding me a FREE gucci I doubt anyone would say No,thank you!!
  4. That's a bit creepy!
  5. Interesting! I'd like to know the story... Maybe he'd bought it as a gift for someone who rejected him and he was feeling a little light-headed.
  6. wow thats wierd!
  7. That is weird. I guess I'd take it, but I'd feel guilty. I wonder what would make him do that.
  8. weird
  9. that is bizarre. but if someone handed me a gucci for free, i'd run with it haha
  10. My first thought was that he stole it. It happens...
  11. strange........hell..Id take it if it was real..LOL
  12. Maybe....he was stalking her for a while and bought a present ahead of time to give her?? Creepy.... I'm not sure if I would keep it or sell it.

    I'm deathly afraid of people giving you things while you're in a sales position. Once I had a guy give me pepper spray.....I called security to walk me to the car that night
  13. Hell Yeah! i would accept it. A free Gucci bag that is what i want someone to tell me. If was fake i would give it anyway to Goodwill or something.
  14. My first thought too was that this sounded like it gave a whole nuther meaning to - "HOT bag!" :smile: BUT, if he stole it, why would he so quickly give it away? And to a virtual stranger?

    It would be my luck lately to be holding that "hot" bag and hear sirens shortly thereafter. :p
  15. Hmm that is strange but interesting...