A bit too obsessed???

  1. Well I just looked online and saw my bank statement, hadn't looked for a while but the payment for my Oak Bayswater was on it - £257 to be exact. I knew how much it cost when I bought it but it seems to have come as a bit of a slap in the face. I immediately told my OH who kind of mini exploded and said "do you know what we could have done with that money" which made me feel a WHOLE lot better!

    I guess I made myself feel OK about buying it because, hey, its less than half the RRP, how could I pass that one up?! Plus I'm not getting myself into debt or anything, I always wanted a bayswater, I do feel like my collection is complete now but I guess if I mentally total up what I've spent over the past year its a bit :wtf:

    Argh! I cant believe I feel so guilty over a bag!
  2. That's why i had to negotiate my bayswater to be an early xmas present and put my e-bay earnings( from selling 2 boden coats) towards it! maybe you could say your bayswater will be your christmas pressie!
  3. I was looking at a choc Ledbury for xmas, but on impulse have just bought a pink Rosemary off eBay for £165!!
    OMG what have I done?? I've only got £65 on my paypal account!!
    I'm not sure I even like it, it just looks funky and different to my Annie (Choc)
    now the dilemma is do I still buy the Ledbury???HELP
  4. you can always resell though if the guilt gets too much?
  5. Hello,

    Am feeling a bit less shell-shocked today. Hubbie assured me that he was only joking last night (I'm sure!). I've pretty much made up my mind to sell my Coconut and Aubergine Aralines to "make up" for it. I've never used the purple Araline, it just sits in its dustbag being lovingly looked at. I'd rather my bags went to someone who would use and love them and not just sit them in a cupboard!
  6. Good idea re selling the bag you're not using. We all get the guilts about bags we buy from time to time. Listen, if it makes you feel better I spent almost £1k on a Prada and traded it a few weeks later! It still makes me feel sick thinking about it now. What on earth was I thinking?!! I am working so hard now on not getting caught in that 'must have' obsession.
  7. Have already decided to sell the Oak bayswater! The morning after I got it, I went to M&S and saw a woman with a chocolate one and it was sooo nice, the Oak's not what i thought it would be tbh! How much did you get back on your prada bag sarajane? Did you see my thread on the Mulberry SS08 stock? They've brought the Soho back, I thought of you when I saw it because I've been admiring yours!

  8. I traded the Prada so ended up losing about £300! Still, I love the bag I traded it for but my head really has to start ruling my heart or else I'll be stony broke.
    I saw your post about the S/S bags. I'm so pleased Mulberry is doing something more with the Soho as it's a great bag and it's so overlooked. I like the look of the LV Mahina bag but I'm not paying that kind of money. A bigger Soho would be a similar look. Can't wait to see what colours it comes in.