a bit scared!!

  1. I'm usually on the LV forums, but you girls got me hooked on these gorgeous Hermes bags!!!!! I'm thinking of purchasing one, but realize the waitlist is FOREVER! I'm kind of scared of spending soooooooooo much on a bag though....think i need some words of encouragment!!!!!! Thanx!!!
  2. You will find PLENTY of enabling here!! You've come to the right place, honey!
  3. Welcome!!! There is no wait list for most of the H bags and some of them are very reasonably priced. There is also a lot of other H goodies to enjoy- scarves, pochettes, twillys, bangles, bracelets, small leather accessories, the list goes on and on....
  4. Welcome!!! There are more H goodies to enjoy than you can imagine! And everyone is so supportive and nice, that you just let us know what you are looking for and we will all keep our eyes out for you!
  5. How does this wait list work? Can you enter a Hermes store and buy off the shelf like LV? Sorry for my ignorance but, I am not versed on Hermes. I do love some of the beautiful colours like the baby blue, orange, red and lime. Those bags just seem to pop when I see pics of them.
  6. I have to admit I really don't know much about Hermes, but i LOVE ALL THE BAGS I'VE SEEN HERE!!! The scarves have such gorgeous colors too! Where do I begin???
  7. You shouldn't be! Hermes bags are the most gorgeous bags in the world! They are handmade, thus making it even more beautiful! The quality is beyond one of the best!
  8. Don't be afraid... everything posh, Hermes is worth every penny. Just hop into your local boutique...or make a pilgramage. Have an SA help you find the right bag for you.
  9. The 'wait list' is usually refers to the wait list for Birkins which is closed at most locations. You can absolutely walk into an H store and buy of the shelf. What's available is variable. You can be very lucky and spot a Birkin or Kelly on the shop floor. Most stores have plenty of other bags to choose from.
  10. I actually think the Birkin is kind of a hard for me to carry off (though I absolutely love the look). I love the Garden Party and the Trim. Are those bags available in stores as a walk-in purchase? I've never been to a Hermes store, though I've gazed longingly at the one in NY!
  11. Welcome Everything Posh!!
    Hermes makes fabulous bags that last a long time & the company will repair/refurbish them through spa treatments.
  12. be careful...these girls will suck you right into the dark side...LOL! :roflmfao:

    just kidding...i will say that i've already learned so much from these girls - including that there really is no reason to be intimidated. as someone said above, most H bags aren't impossible to find...only kellys and birkins are the really difficult ones, i think. and even then, nothing is impossible....just takes patience :smile:

    and i have to admit - i've already become jaded about other bags after spending time on this forum....there's just nothing like H! :love:
  13. Hang on for the ride of you handbag life!
  14. ^^^I second that!!
  15. You're already paying a fair bit for your LV "addiction". If you walk into any H boutique, you can look at scarves, bracelets, small leather goods, etc. and any sales associate will gladly help you with leathers and all of that. A great first bag is either a Picotin or a Garden Party. They aren't much more expensive (depending on size) than an LV bag. You get the "thrill" of the orange box and bag!!!

    Mwahahahha.......welcome to the orange side!!!