A bit sad

  1. :sad: Because I was going to order my Epi Speedy Ivory today from elux but it shows its not in stock. It was yesturday but not today some lucky girl bought it.
  2. I suppose thats how it is sometimes :sad:
  3. Yup :cry:
  4. Awwww.... it's ok! Try calling 866 or your local LV store to see if they can locate one for you and do a charge send! ;)
  5. keep checking back. things pop up all the time.
  6. hey John 5 I see that you know a lot about Lv and I was just in another thred where she says she got her speedy all wrinkled from the boutique because it was shipped do you know if elux also sends speedys all wrinkled? Or does anyone else know?
  7. i've heard good and bad stories about elux and boutique charge sends. so it's just a gamble when you aren't at a boutique in person and you have to rely on them shipping it to you. but if you talk to someone at a boutique, you can get their name etc and tell them that you want one that is free of wrinkles etc. better yet, if you have a regular SA, they will do all they can to ensure you get a good bag.

    good luck! and don't worry, elux always has stuff in stock and out of stock all the time. keep on checking back.

  8. Okay:crybaby:
  9. i just read the other thread about the wrinkles and i guess that's where you're getting the worrying wrinkling idea from. to let you know,the epi speedy doesn't come folded as far as i know - only the canvas ones do. since the epi is leather, it's usually stuffed inside when they sell you one.

    so i say go and call a boutique and charge send one now!! :biggrin:

    please correct me if i'm wrong mods and other tpfers.
  10. It'll be back on elux soon enough. Sometimes they send the speedy folded, sometimes not. They never send epi speedies folded though!!
  11. Please keep checking. You never know when it may reappear. Last March, I wanted the mandarin tresor wallet. I waited for three weeks before I ordered it, and when I checked, it was gone. I called and was told it was gone. I rechecked twenty minutes later, and there it was. I quickly ordered it.
  12. I have yet to see an Epi Speedy come folded in a box.

    As for canvas Speedy's, I've seen them come folded in their box... to take the wrinkles out, just stuff the bag with shirts and let it sit for a few days. The wrinkles will be out in no time! ;)
  13. Cool that makes me happy I dont want a wrinkly Epi does not look good Thanks everyone! I will go now like I said in my other thred witch was mooooooved my butt herts and I need to take a walk. Bye
  14. elux replenishes their stock at night, normally I find after MN est, alot of times, I find things available if im on their site up late....good luck