a bit paranoid

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  1. i got my neverfull on 09/21/2010
    and i was watching youtube videos on how to determine if a bag is fake or not
    and in one particular video
    it said on the little gold pieces it should have the louis vuitton LV symbol
    and if it actually says louis vuitton its fake
    well my bag says louis vuitton on the gold pieces...
    idk if im letting this video get to my head but who else has a neverfull on your gold pieces what does it say?
  2. What little gold pieces are you talking about?
  3. mmm, my damier nf mm has brass knob thingies that attach the drawstrings to the bag, they all say Louis Vuitton, and mine is a fo-sur authentic bag, bought it myself from HR dwntwn, vancouver :smile:
  4. i bought it at the louis vuitton store myself.
    but that video had me thinking i bought a fake from the store.
    how long should the bag have that new leather smell?
  5. I am sure yours is real don't worry.
  6. ahh :sad:
    louis vuitton wont sell a fake bag would they
  7. chill it is only a video
  8. thats what my mother said.
    but this had been on my mind for the past week.
  9. well all of my tabs and locks say Louis Vuitton on them.
  10. Yup. Mine is louis vuitton too.
  11. Just remember we usually know nothing about the knowledge, or lack of knowledge, of the people who go on YouTube. For all we know they are sellers of fakes and are putting out wrong information to confuse people.....
  12. :shucks: well now i have a piece of mind
  13. So many things that float around the internet is untrue. They also say that if the "LV" is cut off, it's fake. I believed that for a long time and then I bought a Tivoli PM.
  14. There was an Aussie guy on YouTube a while back charging $10 per authentication, and he doesn't even know his stuff. :nogood: