a bit off topic...Where do you buy cute tops?

  1. I'm in need of some cutesy summer tops and some skirts actually...I've lost some weight and my tops are just too baggy on me..so I decided to ask the lovely ladies of the PF...I'm not looking to spend in the $100 range per top...something inexpensive but stylish....let's hear your opinions.
  2. Have you tried Forever 21? They have cheap and cute tops for the summer.
  3. I second Forever 21, super cute stuff and ridiculously low prices!
  4. Moving to the wardrobe forum.
  5. i'd goto forever 21 for the cute tops.. but my experience is that they only last a few wears, but it's supercheap so i guess it's all good
  6. For casual I like Barney's Co-Op or Urban Outfitters, Anthropolgie is nice too, if you're more girly. I like some of J.Crew's tops and they aren't really preppy IMO.

    Forever 21 has some cute things, but the quality - cut and material - is usually pretty bad IMO.
  7. Go to H&M! Cheap, inexpensive, and stylish. The quality isn't the absolute best but it's a step above Forever 21. Forever 21 is great too because their stuff is fun.
  8. i love zara! they have nice tops in a reasonable price!
  9. i like forever 21, www.gojane.com and www.be-ur-self.com and theres another but can't tink of it at the moment. THEY GET NEW STUFF ALOT SO KEEP CHECKING BACK! I have lots from all of these
  10. old navy. It wont last forever, but, their outlets...man, I get 99 cent shirt sometimes :yahoo:
  11. I LOVE H&M but there is none around me. I usually buy most of my tops at BCBG..
  12. I get most of my tops from BEBE, BCBG or Express.
  13. H&M stuff are usually too big. I like their stuff but i can never fit those.