A bit of S/S '07 info...

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  1. Some good, some bad.

    Good news first, of course:
    -The Speedy Patchork bag will be around $1,600.
    -A new line will be launch, same processus like the one used for the Groom except that it will represent the "bag and trunk" logo tag that you saw on the Globe Shopper Cabas. I will be on small accessories like the the Pochette Accessoires.

    Now on with the bad news:
    -The launch for the "LVOE" Cabas bag has been pushed back to April, instead of coming out on February 9, right before Valentine's Day. :sad:
  2. Lol..the pushed back launch date for the LVOE isn't bad at all. More time to save up hehe.
  3. :yes: :yes: totally agree~

    what about the heart shape bag?

  4. ARGH... I meant "A bit of S/S '07 info..." :sweatdrop:

    Thanks Miroir Princess!!!!

    I haven't heard anything about the heart shaped bag... when I'll get info I'll post it in this thread. ;)
  5. Thanks for the info J.
  6. Soooounds Cool I really would want an agenda or wallet in that Globeshopper print..
  7. yes agree, more time to save for LVOE tote! can't wait for more info on heart shaped vernis!
  8. Thanks for the info .. any more infor in regards to the tote being canvas or leather??? Colours???
  9. In Twiggers' thread "Spring WaitList INFO Call Now.....", the SA told her that the "LVOE" Cabas will come out in canvas & satin? The colors will be white and olive? :shrugs: Twiggers correct me if I'm wrong! :sweatdrop:
  10. Hey John......my SA said one will be satin and one will be canvas. He didn't kno0w anything about colors, I had actually mentioned to him that someone here said something about green.
    One of the girls posted in another thread that about the two bags....something about sequins or something to that nature.

    John...question: The patchwork speedy.....really $1600? That is absolutely blowing my mind....why would it be so much more than the miroir? I mean it seems like they would both be equally hard to make, and even with a February price increase it shouldn't be that much. Man....that really sucks....I may be out if it's that much....I was leaning towards around $1300-1400. Damn. Or...maybe $1600 is the price for the giant cabas bag? My SA said a cabas bag was coming out in that line.

    Now the trunk logo pieces.....do you have an estimated launch date for that or any info about pieces?
  11. ^ I wonder on what material the trunk logo will be printed on. From the one pic we have seen here, it does not appear to be coated canvas.
  12. I know! Why are they being so cheap on coating the darn canvas lately!
  13. Omg, I love the Globe Shopper logo tag, I'm excited about this line :nuts: & of course I am super excited about the LVOE bags :shame:
  14. Can you tell me something more about the bag and trunk stuff? Will they put something on the canvas like they did with the panda pochette - cerises pochette - groom pieces? What will it be exactly?
  15. I imagine it will be the same globe print as on my shoe bag;)
    Picture 108.jpg