A bit of grenade & a bit of grey inclusion.

  1. Just a couple of little LV purchases to ease a blah day.
    It's snowing and rainy today - the trees look pretty, but just a generally blah day.
    Just got back from a quick trip to LV and I think i feel better.

    Key & Coin Holder in Epi Leather - the new grenade colour is so pretty!

    Cell phone accessories - gray inclusion.
  2. Congrats any pics?

    I love the grenade colour but I just can't decide what piece
  3. sorry for the poor quality of the pics - the cell phone just does not do them justice.
    more pics tonight, I promise. :smile:
    EpiGrenade.jpg GreyInclusion.jpg
  4. Congrats! Cute purchases
  5. Congrats, love the new epi colour!
  6. Very pretty, congrats!
  7. Congrats, the Cles is lovely! I've missed seeing the old shape.. :p
  8. That's Grenade? Looks like Cassis to me. Pretty nonetheless, congrats!!
  9. ^^ :shame: it does look awfully dark there, doesn't it?
    it's an awful picture ... so sorry.
    hopefully the pics later will do the colour justice.
  10. Congrats!! Love the Cles! :love:
  11. Congrats! Love grenade!
  12. Congrats! They are both very pretty!
  13. congrats! That's Cassis ... did you intend to get the Grenade? Because the Grenade is the lighter color.

    < --- the one on the left is Grenade.
  14. very cute congrats!
  15. :smile: hee! it's getting embarassing - the picture's so bad. :p
    it IS the lighter colour.
    hopefully pictures after dinner will help.