A bit of BIG dillema!!

  1. Ok this is a bit much but I need some advice! I have a really good friend who has genital herpes we will call her ashley! Well she had a little fling with this guy (they didnt actually have intercourse but close enough) The guy does not no about her herpes! OK here's the problem one of my other friends may be meeting this guy and what if they hook up?? This guy probally didnt even catch it but what if?! Iv told her not to even meet him, y would she want ashley's leftovers blah blah blah! N e thing to keep her away! I can not repeat this about ashley so i cant tell my other friend about the STD scare! I cant break my trust with ashley and let this get out there's no way in hell I would ever bust her head. It really suxs for ashley b/c she got it from her BF that cheated on her of a year. She's still with him only b/c i think she feels stuck! Ashley and her BF were on a break when this happened, and it was very wrong on her part to expose n e one esle to it! But it happened and now im in a HUGE dillema!! I hope this isnt tooo confusing!
    ***I dunno if this should be in health or relatioships so i put it here!!
  2. I was in a similar situation with a male friend and two of my female friends. I minded my own business and he eventually kept his STD to himself without my help.

    There are too many ifs here, enough ifs to keep your mouth shut. You say that you know that Ashley and her male friend didn't have sex. So whether he has it or not is a big if, closest to NO. Your other friend is just considering going on a date with your male friend and they may never ever be intimate. Just mind your own business at this point.
  3. That is true there alot of "if's"! Telling my other friend about Ashley was never an option i dont want to get that confused kwim? This is something you can never get rid of and it just worries me!
  4. I would definitely warn your other friend. Herpes is a serious disease with no cure so once they catch it, its theirs forever!!! Also, it could take months for actual sores to show up so even though the guy may not have signs now, he could have it already and be infectious. Furthermore, herpes is many times more contagious than HIV. Even coming in contact with someone's clothing could make you itchy. I would warn her. This is too serious not to.
  5. Your other friend should be treating EVERY guy as having a possible disease. It is difficult b/c you know alot of info but what are you going to do follow Ashley around and inform everyone that might come in contact with her or an ex of hers or whatever?
    The thing is if you are Ashley's close friend and YOU can't keep the secret (even for an honorable reason) then you know this girl won't. And then this poor guy will probably get his name messed up in it. And he will be rumoured to have herpes when he might not. And even though Ashley HASN'T done it - it should be her private choice to share with a partner not something for everyone to know and you know they will!

    I think it sucks Ashley has put you in a TERRIBLE position. How many guys or girls are you going to feel responsible for over the years???? WOW That really sucks! i wish I had some great advice for you. I would tell Ashley what this has done to you though and tell her it is not fair to put you in this situation.