A BIT of A Xmas Gift Dilemma!!!! HELP ME CHOOSE A NEW BAG! haha!!!!!

  1. So For Xmas I got A Damier Bastille, A Miroir Papillion, A pair of LV sunglasses, and here is the tough part: The Ouvea Keepall. Many of you know I had been pining for one for the past months but since I was banned by my parents I thought all hope was lost. WEELLL apparantly the Bloor store in Toronto had ONE left, and I GOT IT! BUTTTT I am not IN LOVE with it they way I thot it would be and my mother thinks it's too "nautical" haha :roflmfao: ! I need some ideas for bags, like totes or messenger styles, No purses I need a school bag, not BH etc. I need almost something from the men's line perhaps THEY HAVE SOME BEAUTIFUL things, but I dont know what to get!!!!! I ususally messengers cuz I am in school but when there are things in the mens line that can pass for womens I ususally get them too. I was thinking Cabas Vailblanket. Any Other suggestions? Messenger is my preffered style as I am a student. THANKS!!! :heart:
  2. I personally LOVEEE the damier geant line. So... I say messager or the pioneer =] the viktor from taiga is nice too but its the same design as your bastille.
  3. Haha taiga IS TOO masculine, and I have the damier geant messager in terre, But I am considering also the black version, or the cabas vail, OR the me messenger bosphore GM, hmmm Decisions!!! ITS SO HARD!
  4. I don't mind the Cabas Vail. It's actually pretty nice looking.
  5. Damier Geant Pionner? How's that one?
  6. I'm not that familiar with men's, so I'm not sure if i'm mentally picturing the right one, but in my HEAD it's pretty cool! lol
  7. shame about you falling out of love for the Ouvea Keepall. its one of my top fave LV lines of all time :yes: how about a Tobago Carryall in red or yellow? i have the Vail Cabas and the Geant Pionnier too and i would highly recommend them as well. but i think they might be a little too masculine.

    btw, one of you must get a separate account! :smash:
  8. I like the damier geant messager.
  9. Damier Geant Messenger would be lovely !
  10. damier geant messager or even saleya gm :smile:
  11. Haha well Im the girl sibling My brother RARELY comes on here and he doesnt feel the need to make an account, hes not a big forumer , haha I know the ouvea is a mens bag and the bastille is a mens bag also, but I dont know, I always seems to like the mens stuff more than the girls stuff! But I DID get the miroir pap WHICH IM IN LOVE with, but im all pursed put for now. Deluxe, thing is I cant decide whether I love it or if I think it's OK u know what I mean? I am thinking tobago but im not sure!!!!!! ITS SO HARD! I have the messager in terre, But sable is something I think a girl could pull off, so I am loking now at either the pionner in sable or the compagnon in sable, the tobago carry or keepall, the Mono bosphore GM AND the Bumbag (Ill have to add a bit of money but thats not a prob) , the cabas Vailblanket, or a bunh of small accessories and some shoes. What do u guys think?
  12. i honestly don't know what you mean, because i absolutely adore Ouvea! i recon you must have your eyes checked :p just kidding!

    my vote still goes to the Tobago Carryall :yes:

  13. ^:yes: I think the Damier Saleya GM would be perfect as a school bag. I was considering the GM when I got my MM but it was rather big on me. However, if I carried books and paperwork around every day, I would have definitely gotten the GM!
  14. OK SOOO I called the store because I have decided one THREE bags, I wil get one. now the problem with the ouvea is I LOOOOOOOVE the pattern beond ANYTHING BUT I dont think it works with the whole "Keepall" design. So I was browsing Deluxe's blog AND I SAW HIS OUVEA CARRYALL!!!! OH MY!!!!! so it is now betweem, the ouvea carryall (which is GORGEOUS much more so than the keepall) the tobago carryall, or the Cabas Vailblanket. Now I am wondering deluxe, does your carryall hold it's shape well? Also Anyone who has the tobago carryall, how does it hold it's shape?